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100th Post!

Hannah Sheflyand

This is the 100th post on SouthernFolly!!! I know that this isn’t a huge deal but its pretty exciting for me. I am not much of a writer but thought having a blog to share with Brian and Charlie and then with the online world would be an exciting journey. It truly has been fun to spend the time working on this blog and getting through 100 posts was much easier then I expected.

What have you thought about the blog? Anything more or different you would like to see on here?

I would be very happy with any suggestions or comments.

Thank you to all my readers and the blog/online world!

P.S.- Some of my favorite posts if you would like to take a look through- the first one, the barber spa experience, great music video, beautiful pics of Charlie, best cookies, decorating the apartment, a few weekend trips, our adventures on sailing, my obsession with plants and their care, beautiful southern homes, weekend getaways (I promise more to come), and many dog related posts!

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