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Monthly Archive:: April 2014

Hannah Sheflyand

I think that out of all my accessories- from hats and scarves to shoes and clothes- the one thing that I get bored and change the most often is my iPhone case. Yet somehow since getting the iPhone 5 and grabbing a random glittery case in a crowded store, I just couldn’t find a case that would fit me and my personality. Over a year has gone by with a case I couldn’t care less about and yet every time I go to the apple store it has been too crowded and my patience wore thin pretty fast. Read more…

Charlie The Dane

Since it has been decided that we will continue living in this small apartment until the move down to Charleston, Hannah determined we need to have some serious spring cleaning done. Not only has  the place been cleaned like new, that even my precious drool spots on the wall are gone, but everything has been reorganized and replaced.

This spring cleaning, unfortunately, got even more intense and started a very ruff day for me when Hannah noticed that my dog bed was smelling a little too strong for her. Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

Brian and I were on vacation in Charleston just a few weeks ago. When we planned our trip this time, our main focus was on the food. There is something so special about southern food, to me its the comfort of all the layers of rich flavor… or maybe its just all the extra butter. Either way its delicious and I have been craving some southern style food and as if Yelp was reading my mind, an event popped up for a southern style restaurant dinner and mingle.

SOCO is advertised as a fusion of cajun/creole, bbq and soul food. The menu is filled with many wonderful choices when looking for some southern comfort foods. Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

I feel that up here, in the greater New York City area, a lot of people go through some awful seasonal allergies. I have symptoms come spring but nothing hard to manage without a few tissues on hand. On the other side of the spectrum, my mom and Brian, go through a lot of hassle to survive the changing seasons allergens. The moment my mom called me saying she cant go outside this weekend because of how bad she is starting to feel, I started blasting our air purifier 24/7 in hopes that it will help Brian and me. Read more…

Charlie The Dane

I, Charlie, a huge goofball dane, hate the cold. The only thing I love about the winters here on the east coast is SNOW! Even though everyone thought the season for it was over, I was very excited to wake up this morning to a blanket of snow on the ground. Hannah hopes it is finally the last, I on the other hand wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning.


P.S.- Hannah apologizes for filming this vertically, it was a spur of the moment run in the snow and she wasn’t well prepared.

Hannah Sheflyand
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I don’t care where you live or where you grew up, if you have not read the Little Prince, here is a big push, READ IT!  The first time I read this story in Russian, I was still pretty young and was slightly confused but pulled into these strange characters illuminated by the authors poetic style of writing. As I have gotten older and have read different versions & publications, my love has only grown for the characters and the different emotions that the story brings out.

Which made me extremely excited to find out there is an exhibit regarding the author Antoine de Saint-Exupery and the path of creating the story of The Little Prince. Read more…

Both of Us

We are a fun and adventurous couple from New Jersey with a Great Dane and a great ambition.  With this blog we hope to chronicle our lives up north in preparation to move to South Carolina and start a new life together.  Through SouthernFolly, we seek to capture elements of what the south offers in terms of lifestyle, culinary adventures, arts and leisure.  The goal is to report on all of this with our on unique perspectives and bring entertainment and maybe some new knowledge to ourselves and our readers.


I’ve spent my whole life in jersey.  For the longest time I believed I was never going to leave, this place was my home and I was proud of it.  It was dirty, agressive and tough.  As I grew up though I realized that it was really just expensive, cold and exhausting.  I bounced around for a few years working hard and carving out a living for myself while going to school at night. It wasn’t until I met Hannah that I went on the first real vacation of my life, a week in Charleston S.C.  It was night and day;  warm, friendly and relaxed.  Who wouldn’t want to live there?  Who wouldn’t want to get out of this place and start a life in the south.  We spent that week in Folly Beach, and while a folly is typically a foolish endeavour, I’m willing to take the chance.


I grew up in New York with a grounded Russian cultural background, but have always had a craving to travel and explore. I have traveled to Madagascar, France, Russia, Israel, Egypt and more, and yet I never considered moving away from this adventurous beautiful city until I took a trip to visit some family in California. The relaxing atmosphere and the gorgeous weather hooked me and within a year I found a great job and moved to Ventura, CA. Nothing beat the average 70 degree weather and the many amazing bike rides on the beach but eventually for many reasons I had to move back. Acquired on my adventures in California and now tagging along back to the east coast with me, came my over exuberant, crazy, great dane Charlie. Being back in the new york area is great but my craving for the relaxed beach life has not subsided. I am grateful to have found someone like Brian who has that same craving. From our few trips to South Carolina we have found ourselves in love with the culture, the lifestyle and especially the food. I am very excited to have this blog aide in our transition and move down south.


Woof. I am not too sure what my life was like before Hannah came and rescued me but I can without regret state that I am nothing like your typical great dane. I have no idea that I am over 100lbs, so when a chihuahua comes barking at me I am often found trying to hide behind my mom, she says I am a big scaredy cat. My favorite things include giving you slobbery kisses, jumping on the bed whenever the opportunity arises, barking at leaves, sitting on anyones lap and taking long naps. Hannah says I look the happiest when I am running leash free on the beach or in the park. Give me a nice stinky bully stick and I am one happy girl. This idea of moving down South means nothing special to me but I am happy to tag along with my family.

We hope you will all join us in our explorations and southern follies.