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Hannah Sheflyand

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Living in the New York City area all my life, I didn’t notice how much lighter colors were missing in my wardrobe, until we visited South Carolina. Now I am always trying to find new pieces to add to my wardrobe that will add some pop. I am in love with this blazer from Zara and feel it is perfect for the spring.

What do you think? Do you ever feel that just one piece can change your whole wardrobe?

Hannah Sheflyand

We live in a pretty small studio apartment and the walls are almost all covered in artwork and photos but the kitchen space seemed to be the one location we really didnt know how to spice up. For Brian’s birthday we went out to dinner at Momofuku Ko (which we highly recommend) and saw a pig carved with something very similar to the picture above. It inspired us to look for artwork similar in style.

I decided to try searching through Etsy where I found the KitchenBathPrints store. They have such a variety of design prints but we fell in love with their animal butcher diagrams.

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We went with the choice of picking 9 different prints– which also includes a rabbit, duck and even a deer. Now just waiting anxiously for it to arrive.

How did you decorate your kitchen to make it your own?

Hannah Sheflyand

This is one of the cutest music videos of all time. I first heard one of their songs on Pandora and was in love right away with this bands rustic sound. This is a husband and wife duo right from Charleston, SC. I have fallen in love with all their music- it ranges everywhere from southern and calm to loud and brass. I am super excited with their new album “Swimmin Time” coming out end of August but have really been enjoying their “O’ Be Joyful” album.

They are also touring and will be visiting the NYC area in June. I will be the first one on line and will be dragging Brian along with me!!!

Let me know what you think of this fun country band.

Hannah Sheflyand

I always feel excited when Friday comes around. During the week its hard to have too many plans but the weekend is just a blank canvas. With this crummy rainy weather I have been having a craving to just go away. I would love to go back to Charleston but I don’t think we will have a chance to visit again until next spring.

Have you ever checked out travelzoo? Whenever I have the itch to travel I like just browsing through all the great deals on vacations and dream about going on one. My favorites for this week:

For the first time in a while, Brian and I have a weekend with no planned tasks or events so we decided to go spend the weekend at my moms home upstate, where we can just browse through farmers market, take Charlie for a hike, and just relax and enjoy the fresh air. Do you have a busy weekend or have some time to just relax & breathe?



Hannah Sheflyand

About 2 years ago I went on a very strict regiment due to arising health issues from some food allergies. I eliminated over 20 every day food items from my diet, including gluten, egg and dairy products. It was tough at first but with advice from different friends and blogs I learned to be creative with my chocolate and pastry cravings. Most of the time I would make my own desserts at home, but it was nice to once in a while find some products at the store when I wanted something to fulfill a craving.

Just a few weeks ago something amazing popped up in the refrigerated section of my whole foods- EatPastry Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (& it’s Vegan). I went home and popped that right into my mouth and then after enjoying a few spoonfuls, I threw some onto a cookie tray to bake. It is one of the BEST gluten free vegan cookies I have ever had.


It all starts with this super cute packaging

It all starts with this super cute packaging.

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Hannah Sheflyand

I have a big smelly dog and a very small apartment which ends up with me having a candle lit any time I am home. I have slowly grown an obsession with homemade or handcrafted candles and candle holders.




This online store has beautiful candles, but also hooks, spoons and rings. Everything is from a Vermont farm and handcrafted from maple, beech, cherry & other hardwoods.

I love the natural and earthy feel of these candles & need to add these to my collection now.


Hannah Sheflyand

I wanted to get some more inspiration for animal photography after my hike with Charlie the other day and came across this adorable website filled with photographs of Maddie on Things.

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Its so inspiring to see such beautiful photos and a very well behaved dog. I wish Charlie would stand so still, maybe some training is due for her in the near future.

The photographer behind all these photos, Theron Humphrey, also worked on a great project called Why We Rescue. Check out all the amazing photos he has to offer.

Hannah Sheflyand

I made a promise to myself and to Charlie that once the weather was warmer we would try to get out and move more. Especially since injuring my foot I have let laziness take control of my exercise habits. So even though it was a rainy few days, I decided to make the best of it and off to Ramapo Reservation we went, and in the end was very happy that we did.

Here are some photos of our rainy adventure:




We found this set up during our hike, Charlie like hopping though it.

We found this set up during our hike, Charlie like hopping though it.

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Brian McCarthy

The Palaxy Tracks aren’t very well known but their album Twelve Rooms has some of my favorite music of all time. Their songs are light, melodic with beautiful lyrics, akin to Pedro the Lion and Radiohead. Unfortunately they haven’t put out any new material since 2005.

There’s good news though, The Palaxy Tracks are working on a new album, Wilderness. The album is being funded by Kickstarter and they’ve still got a ways to go, so please check out their pitch and help them if you can. The best news for me is that Wilderness is going to be put out on 180 gram vinyl! As many of you know Hannah and I love our vinyl collection and the rich sound, artwork and experience you get along with it.