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Monthly Archive:: June 2014

Hannah Sheflyand

I dont know why I have not posted this song before but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this music video. Just brings a big smile to my face and warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

There have been many evenings where Brian and I would lay down on the couch and spend an hour or more just listening to the bands many records. This song is from their album Im Wide Awake Its Morning, which is one of my favorites, but I also really like Digital Ash in a Digital Urn.

I dare you to watch this video only once ūüôā

Hannah Sheflyand

Me and Brian¬†are more into indoor exercising, such as rock climbing or yoga, but with the warmer weather I have been craving some outdoor fun, and luckily Brian agreed. With my foot still recovering I knew hiking was out of the picture, so we decided to try biking instead. I have not gone biking in a long time and was very happy to do so again, even though we were both exhausted after. We went late enough where it wasn’t too hot and had a great ride exploring the neighborhood and parks nearby. We both have bikes but are probably do for an upgrade, once we are in Charleston it will definitely be on the top of our list.

The store Public, is based in San Francisco, but delivers throughout the US. Here is our favorites:


My favorite is the Dutch Commuter Bike, $679


The Mixte Bike is the perfect color, $799


Brian’s favorite is the Electric Bike, $1999, we will have to save up for that one.

We hope to take another bike ride this weekend. We are also going to a Shovels & Rope concert this evening which I am very excited about.

What are your plans for the weekend? Going outdoors or staying in relaxing?

Charlie The Dane

We have a Roomba at home to help clean up all the hair that I shed. I wish I was small enough to ride around on it but found this video to be hugely entertaining.

Hannah raves about the Roomba all the time to the point of me being a little jealous. While browsing the internet with her today I was happy to find that she is somewhat normal compared to all these other pet parents.

What do you think of this hilarious article?

Hannah Sheflyand

I am getting more and more excited as our sailing classes are coming up. I want to have the perfect outfit for the first day out on the water, and since I have the shoes covered, now I just have to worry about comfortable clothing.

Some of my ideas for outfits:


I like the classic, comfortable look of this outfit –¬†Wrinkle Resistant Shirt $50, Stretch Pants $50



It would be great to wear a skort but then it might get chilly, the hoodie would be more comfortable but the cardigan is so cute- Hoodie $55, Skort $45 & Coveside Cardigan $65.



A sporty outfit with an awesome pop of color, Short sleeve crew neck $30, Slim leg capri $55

What do you think of the outfits? Which should I wear the first day out?

Brian McCarthy

I first heard Two Gallants on Pandora, the emotion in Adam Stephen’s vocals and lyrics immediately drew me in. ¬†I asked Hannah to write down the name of the band so I could go back and listen to more later. ¬†I’m really glad I did. ¬†I wasn’t surprised to find out that they were signed to Saddle Creek, the quintessential indie record label and that they had a few albums out. ¬†Everything I’ve listened to has been great and I recommend everyone check them out.

Hannah Sheflyand

Sorry for not posting as much this week, it has been a hectic work week. I cant believe tomorrow is the first day of summer and just 3 months ago we were all stuck indoors complaining about the bitter weather. I get to spend this weekend and my birthday on Monday relaxing with Brian and Charlie. We hope to spend as much time as possible outside in the warm summer weather without school or work in our way. For all my New Yorkers- I found a collaborative SCHEDULE for outdoor movies throughout the NYC 5 boroughs. For New Jersey there is also some options and with a great view of the NYC skyline- click HERE. I am hoping to go this weekend. What do you look forward to doing on warm summer evenings?

Hannah Sheflyand

To prove how little I know about the south and how much more there is to learn- Boiled Peanuts. Have you tried them before? Its addictive.

The first time a waiter offered me boiled peanuts I was very suspicious. I have never heard of that as a thing. Wow was I way wrong. I have started to crave some southern style food again and hope to recreate this simple dish over the weekend.

Boiled Peanuts


1 pound of raw peanuts (aka green peanuts)

1/4 cup kosher salt

4 cups of water


Rinse unshelled peanuts

Put all ingredients in a big pot and heat to a low boil, then cover and leave it at barely boiling for 3 hours or longer (depending on how soft you want the shell)

Drain and your done. Try not to eat them all in one sitting.




Hannah Sheflyand

How adorable are these aprons? I have been shopping around a lot since my birthday is coming up ūüôā


One for Brain


And one for me!

MsSpanner has a great variety of exciting design detailed household trinkets, including even more aprons.

I find it fun to have things in the kitchen to help bring out a smile. What about you, what do you like to keep in your kitchen?

Hannah Sheflyand

I am in love with this online store. It is filled with specially crafted and styled bags, scarfs and robes. There is not a huge variety but the quality seems to be the most important aspect to their store. I mostly just love all the bright colors, maybe that is my new thing.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.55.58 PM

Matching Summer Hat $58

What do you think of the styles from this store? Adding it to your want list?

I am still dreaming about owning this jacket!

Hannah Sheflyand

Jason Isbell’s whole album, Southeastern, has the perfect country rustic lyrics that are soul filling and calming.¬†This music video just came out and I have it on repeat. The video has a split screen with Jason Isbell singing and flashes of different pre and post show scenes. There are enough videos out there with the generic hollywood style flashy scenes and this video was a big step back from that, in a good way. After finishing this video there is an actual feeling of understanding what his lyrics mean and how the artist feels.

I am a huge fan of Jason Isbell, see my previous post here.

Let me know what you think and whether you want more like it.