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Charlie The Dane

Hannah’s foot is finally healed up and we can now go out and explore. Its been a long few months where we couldn’t go hiking which means my exercise was mostly at the dog park and running with Brian. As long as I am exercised every day I am a happy puppy but I especially love running off leash out in the wild. We had the opportunity to spend last weekend up in the Catskills and had a good time just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Hannah took a lot of photos and I wanted to share them, especially the many she took of me. Hope you enjoy!




SONY DSC Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

Have you tried out restaurant week in your city? New York now has one twice a year, sometime in the winter and then at the end of July. What started as restaurant week is now usually 2-4 weeks long depending on what city is doing it. I have not been to New Jersey’s restaurant week but will be looking out for it the next time it comes around. Restaurant week is the ideal situation where you can go to specified restaurants for a 3 course meal at a fixed price of $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner. I find it a great deal because a lot of the restaurants are on the high end and I would probably not go for a usual dinner, but now it is at a reasonable cost that I can afford.

I have used the excuse of living in New Jersey to hinder me from traveling across the river and taking advantage of these deals, but not this summer!

Last week my lovely little sister joined me on a date night to Telepan Local. The restaurant has the perfect atmosphere for a farm to table restaurant establishment. The dishes offered for the restaurant week menu had a great variety and ended up being all delicious. My favorite was their cooked marrow bone over light toast, my sister preferred their sourdough pizzette. I was really happy to get the opportunity to try out the restaurant for these prices and will highly consider heading back to Telepan in the near future.

photo 1

My bone marrow dish- So Yummy!!!

photo 2

A quick snap of us after dinner. Do we look like siblings?

This week Brian and I are heading to Hakkasan on Tuesday and then to Aureole on Thursday. I feel spoiled with all these evenings out and will indulge the blog world with the experience of it all by next week.

Do you think its worth trying out a restaurant through this deal? Have you been to one before?

Hannah Sheflyand

Have you checked out the Nostalgia Machine? Its this great website where you pick a year that you want to reminisce and then click JAM and the site produces over 20 music videos that you can listen to produced that year. I enjoyed flashing through my year of birth and then some newer years. Looking back at 2004, just 10 years ago, what a difference!

I thought it would be a perfect addition to MusicMonday. Have you tried it? What do you think?

Hannah Sheflyand

I don’t know how this band has not come up yet being that it is my all time favorite for listening on rainy or gloomy days, but now is my chance. I am a proud owner of every single album they have on vinyl and there is not one single song I dislike. If you need an album to just mellow out to then Trouble Will Find Me is perfect, even though Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers is a close second.

I find this song and this music video to be simple but beautiful and perfect. Have a listen! What do you think?

Hannah Sheflyand

It was inevitable for it to rain at some point after all this beautiful weather, so this Saturday we will try to enjoy the last of the beautiful weather but once the rain starts I plan on hoarding myself away with some books. Both Brian and I have been super busy with everything from work and school to the apartment and Charlie and have not had much time to just lay out, relax and enjoy a good book… until this weekend. It is odd but I am very excited to have absolutely no plans other then reading.

The last book I read which I would highly recommend is Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Once I finished with Goldfinch I was at a loss for what to read next and was happy that we now have tons of options to get ideas.

My first place to check out was What I Should Read Next. You type in a title or author of a recent book you enjoyed and the website pulls up other books that you might find interesting. I have now used the site a few times and have always found something interesting to read. An example of what appears when I typed in Goldfinch is below…


Another great place to find ideas of what to read next is Underground New York Public Library. This is a blog filled of photos of people reading all over New York City and have given me a bunch of ideas on what to read. See below…





And the last one I wanted to share I just found today on which is a funny flow chart on everything that is better to read then 50 Shades of Grey (click the link to get the full flow chart).

What do you think of these different ways to get some good book ideas? Any recommendations on what I should I indulge in next?

Here is the list of books I have ready to go for this weekend…

download (2)

Relish– a memoir written in comic form

download (1)

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls– Sedaris’ latest cant put down book


The Mockingbird Next Door– the first in depth biography on Harper Lee

download (3)

Guns Germs and Steel– I am a little late on the hype but happy to take some time and finally read it

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets some time to read a good book!

Hannah Sheflyand

I love summer, not only for the warm weather, but because everyone brings out their A game when it comes to style. It is also when my wallet is the least happiest because I am trying to catch up on the new styles and I overfill my wardrobe. I come to the blog world hoping that you can help me make a decision on the next pair of shoes I should keep.

These are all Sperry Boat Shoes, super comfortable and cute. I wish I could keep them all but unfortunately I can only pick one. What do you think? Which do you like the most?

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

Hannah Sheflyand

I thought I would be the girl who grew up eating out and hopefully never stepping into a kitchen and having to cook more then a grilled cheese or heating up some pizza. Once I got sick and started eating a clean diet, I was forced to spend some more time in the kitchen. Now I love the kitchen and am excited to come home after work and create something delicious, it definitely helps that I have Brian to experiment with.

Having such little cooking & baking experience before, Brian and I have been slowly gearing up our kitchen one gadget at a time.


We started with cast iron pans, which there will definitely be a lot more posts about


Then we bought some salt blocks to experiment some more


Once we started getting lazy we added a Kuerig into our kitchen, what a life saver in the morning


I make a lot of smoothies and after my very old blender finally died on me, I thought it would be worth it to invest in a Vitamix. Money well spent!

Over the weekend Brian really wanted to make liege waffles which required a good mixer, so off we went and came home with this…. Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

Renovating and decorating a house will not make it a complete and cozy home without some work on the surrounding outdoors.

Have I mentioned how much I love Garden & Gun magazine, the website is now filled with albums of the most beautiful homes, and now I found out, with some gorgeous gardens. Elizabeth Locke has lived in her estate with her husband for 33 years and has spent all that time making the garden she has now, filled with a perfect mix of beautiful flower gardens, vegetable gardens & even a chicken coop.

I love when Elizabeth states “Its not surprising that you never see the phrase ‘brilliant young garder’… it takes a lifetime.” Her full interview can be found here. Based on the photos below it looks like her hard work has really paid off. What do you think?



010 Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

I cannot wait until we move south and have warmer weather all year round, I love the heat and the warmth of the sun on me. Our tiny apartment leaves us very cold all winter and we end up having the heat on full blast and hidden under a very warm comforter. Now with the summer in full swing and our apartment is warm, I think it is time we get a second bedding set for our bed/apartment. From everyone’s recommendations for summer bedding, Brian and I decided we want to get a nice big cotton quilt, especially since we can use it as an extra blanket come winter when it will get cold again. I hope that one day I will acquire the skill to make a handmade quilt but in the mean time store bought will have to do the trick. I looked at Macy’s, Nordstrom and a few little boutiques and couldn’t find the right fit for us until Brian reminded me to go look on etsy. I have a genius boyfriend but now also have too many options and cant decide.

I love all the prints & styles. What do you think?








The quilts are from the following etsy shops: HandiPalace, PentagonCrafts, RajasthanRoyals & Moomal

Now I just have to pick! I love the rustic look of quilts compared to a single color comforter covers.

How do you cope with the weather change when it comes to your bed? Have quilts worked for you?

Hannah Sheflyand

This is not my usual listen to music but for some reason this song was stuck in my head all weekend. Only then did I decide to look up the music video and it made me reminisce of college and too many parties and a lot of late fun nights. It was enjoyable to think about those times, but I am also very happy they are in the past.

I truthfully know very little about the one man band Outasite other then the whole album is filled with a lot of fun, catchy songs and most of it is free if your an Amazon Prime member (see here).

I hope listening to this song helps put a smile on your face and lets you reminisce of your last great night out, whether it was this past Saturday, a month ago, or even years ago. Either way its a fun listen.