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Hannah Sheflyand

The weekend is finally here! Do you have any special plans? Brian is finally done with his class for the summer so we hope to just spend some much needed free time hanging out together, working on our blogs and just relaxing.

I found another photo book I hope to add to our coffee table. Other then the  title, One Man’s Folly, being close to my heart, this exceptional book filled with over 250 photos, gives the reader the opportunity to tour Furlow Gatewood’s compound. This compound is not very popular, but his four treasure filled homes have become fascination and study for many southern decorators. I find the photos to show the rooms to be filled a little over the top with what my mom calls chachkas, but I like my rooms to be more simply decorated. What about you, do you like the southern charm look? How would you like to decorate your dream home?






I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts that travel to different southern homes; they are available here, here, here & here, and if you have some free time check out the last posts on easy indoor plant care.

(All photos & more can be found at Garden & Gun)

Hannah Sheflyand

Have you heard of Braxton Dixon? Until I started dreaming and searching for my perfect southern home I never did either. He not only does the planning for all his homes but the hard labor as well. His homes are known for being built with century old wood and trinkets from run down barns and other structures. Every single room has special detail with a story and no home is the same, it takes him up to 8 years to build a home.

Garden & Gun wrote a great article about his work and included some great photos (a preview below).


BraxtonDixon-2_069 Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

Over the weekend I bought Ingrid Michaelson’s new record Lights Out and after I finished listening to that album, it got me into the mood to listen to all of her albums. It’s been an Ingrid Michaelson weekend jam session, Brian is not too pleased but he loves me anyway. Ingrid’s music definitely has indie style but it is much more light hearted and relaxed, the perfect read a book on the porch or pre-dinner party type of listening. Although she has come out with a ton of great music, she does not have too many music videos to choose from, but Blood Brothers sticks out, mostly for its uniqueness and originality.

What do you think?

If you like this music video, you should definitely listen to more of her. My favorite is her cover of Cant Help Falling in Love (Elvis’ version vs Ingrid’s version).

She is also on tour and will be in NYC for SummerStage on July 30!

Hannah Sheflyand

How cute is this video explaining the World Cup games? Brian and I watched it over and over and over and couldn’t stop laughing.

Any plans for your weekend? Have you been following the World Cup?

I am planning to spend the weekend in the Catskill Mountains relaxing with the cooler weather and hopefully going on my first hike after my foot surgery. I think Charlie has really been missing exploring and being off-leash, and I have missed taking cute pictures of her (like here). Unfortunately Brian is stuck at home studying. I will be back in time on Sunday to watch the finale for the World Cup together.

Hannah Sheflyand

Have you ever heard or seen such a thing? I first heard about this art type in a TED talk. The photos below are all micro sculptures made by Willard Wigan. Each one of these pieces either sits within the eye of a needle, on a pin head or pencil and is only visible through a microscope. Willard Wigan stated that he can only work at night by getting himself into a meditative state where his heartbeat is slowed, he works in between heart beats to reduce movement.

These are almost unbelievable!




Hannah Sheflyand

I decorate our apartment very sparingly because of the fear of cluttering every room. I enjoy free space and have a fascination with southern homes. I love all the extra detail put into every piece of furniture and hope one day I can have the eye to do the same. How beautiful are these homes and the rooms decorated? Anne-Quatrano-kitchen-7








photo Read more…


Hannah Sheflyand

Have I mentioned how much Brian loves bacon? I have never met some one so in love with pork belly, I believe he loves it more then anything else in the world. Over the weekend, we came across a great addition to our kitchen. Isn’t it a perfect pairing with our clay pig?


Most of the apartment has been equally decorated by me and Brian, but there is definitely a big pig influence creeping in, especially with this and this also in our kitchen.

Here are some other great etsy finds to follow the bacon theme that I have considered adding to our place.




Are you a pork/bacon fan?

I always thought I would decorate the kitchen with different floral arrangements, but now its more food themed. What about your kitchen?

(Items from etsy shops- Mugs, Bacon Soap & Poster)