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Hannah Sheflyand

I am super excited that all my favorite artists have been coming out with new albums this year. To add another one to the list is Blake Mills with his new album Heigh Ho, that comes out tomorrow (I am excited to receive the vinyl tomorrow from Amazon)!!! If you have not heard any of his music this is your chance to go explore. Blake Mills is an amazing guitarist, who has played and collaborated with FIona Apple, Beck, Lana Del Rey,Neil Diamond and more, but the previews of the songs from this upcoming album also highlight how great of a songwriter he really is.

Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!


I am happy that this week was so busy that it flew by. No more concerts for a while but we have a lot of plans to keep ourselves busy for the next few weeks, starting with this weekend which we will be spending upstate in the Catskills with Brian’s parents.

I am also excited to be heading into  NYC this evening, for a date night with my mom and little sister, to go to a new photo exhibit at International Center of Photography by Sebastio Salgado called Genesis.


One of the photos previewed for the exhibit

Ashley from Hither&Thither has got me excited about the new addition to the High Line Park so I hope to be heading there for an after dinner walk as well.


A glimpse of the new part of the park. I hope to take a lot of photos later today and post them later.

I have been enjoying my free time catching up on some reading, especially loving this book, and on some blog posts I have been missing out on the last few weeks.

My favorites this week have all been from Garden & Gun, I think I am just missing Charleston and southern life and enjoy reading and dreaming about our future there.

A day in the life of a southern chef

New coffee table book with beautiful photos of southern artists

Do you want to add some extra flare for your walls?

The best honey!

40 Years in Georgia (cover photo above from here)

Do you know how cane syrup/sugar is made?

I hope you enjoy some of the reading and can see my love for the southern charm that flows out of Garden&Gun’s website.

Any fun plans for your weekend?

Hannah Sheflyand

I enjoy the look of metal and the shiny cleanliness in the kitchen, but in the last few months I have grown a fondness for the rustic wood feel in the kitchen. It brings a warmth and even a little disorder which makes working in the kitchen more fun.

I am in the love with The-Commons and wish I could fill my kitchen with their products, for now I will do my best to add one item at a time. They also have a great blog that I follow.

What do you think?


Napkin Rings, $9 each. I love how each one is unique and hand crafted.


Cheese Knife, $14. The total opposite to the big metal knives hanging on our kitchen wall, which is why I love the idea of one so much.


Maple Bowl, $44. I still don’t understand why some of these wooden bowls are so expensive, but this one looks worth it. This bowl is hand cut from one piece of wood and finished with a raw edge around. Love it!


Cutting Board, $196. I have a little OCD when it comes to cutting boards, in that each one can only be used for one specific food product; so fruits, veggies, fish and meat all have separate boards. Which is the perfect excuse for me to add another one to our kitchen.

What are some of your kitchen essentials?

I cant wait to add any of these items to our growing kitchen essentials.

P.S.- Some other dream/want list items perfect for the kitchen here, here, & here.

Hannah Sheflyand

Today is the autumn equinox which makes summer officially over. I am excited for the chilly evenings perfect for hot tea and cozy sweaters but will be sad that days at the beach are over for now. Brian and I had a great last beach day Saturday at Sandy Hook and were excited to take the dogs along.

Here is a few photos from our trip that I would love to share with you:


Charlie loves running around off leash. She gets super excited the second she hears the click and the leash falls off. Right away a big smile appears.

FullSizeRender (2)

Charlie and me mid kiss 🙂

FullSizeRender (1)

Charlie kept trying to get Brian to run with her. She would nibble at his fingers and go running, then she would turn around and if Brian wasn’t after her, she would run back and try again.


Brian got a little peace and quiet… it didn’t last long.

FullSizeRender (3)

Selfie time!

What did you do with your last weekend of summer? What are you looking forward to this fall?

P.S.- Some more photos of the gorgeous Charlie running around off leash- here, here & here. I also made sure to bring this along with us.


1 Last Picture: Moose (the foster dog) was so pooped out after the beach trip he didn’t even have the energy to pick between the dog beds.

Hannah Sheflyand

Brian and I had a great date night this weekend. We headed to Williamsburg and had a wonderful dinner at Xixa (pronounced Shiksa), I am now convinced to always try the chefs taste menu when possible. I have been to a few concerts and enjoy listening to live music, but never was a huge fan. Until after dinner where we went to Rough Trade and saw the Cave Singers. Neither Brian or I can figure out whether it was the intimacy of the venue (there was less then 60 people there) or the band themselves but it was amazing and I hope we can find other bands that will replicate this type of experience.

The venue- Rough Trade

The venue- Rough Trade

This song/video above is from the Cave Singers debut album Invitation Songs. It is a perfect example of the bands music and the amazing energy they bring to every song. I am a huge fan of their album No Witch, but this tour is to promote Naomi. The video below is a compilation of a few of their songs from this new album which we heard during the concert. I highly recommend you take a listen.

We have a busy week and actually get to go to another concert tonight to see Shovels & Rope!

How was your weekend? Relaxing or busy? Any exciting plans for the week?

Hannah Sheflyand

Even though I feel like it was just yesterday that we were swimming in lakes and basking in nice 80 degree summer weather, fall has arrived (technically on the 22nd). I will not be giving up on keeping summer around even if the temperature outside is finally dropping. Brian and I will be heading to the beach on Saturday and the perk of summer season being over is that we can take the dogs along with us. This will be an interesting adventure as Charlie and the foster dog Moose have not spent more then 10 minutes in the car together, and tomorrow the drive will be about 80 minutes. Wish us luck!

We will then be spending the evening at a Cave Singers concert!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

My cover photo for a post a few weeks ago was for an adorable dog underwater from the book Underwater Dogs. Little did I know at the time, the author/photographer, Seth Casteel has released a new book called Underwater Puppies. This took the cuteness level of a coffee table book sky high! There is a nice short interview of him on NPR describing what got Seth into photographing dogs and the tricky process for getting these photos, which includes teaching some of these puppies how to swim. Some of the photos from the book are below:




Pringles and Pickme

slide_368464_4224366_freeDoes this not make your heart yearn for a puppy in your life? It makes me want to throw Charlie in the water and see how she reacts (just kidding) 🙂

Any good books you have recently read or seen nice photography books that you would like to add to your collection?

Hannah Sheflyand

I stopped using the title of want list for my posts because I feel it sounds very eager and that I really want those items in my life. Which technically is the case but… the big butt… I dont have these items in my apartment or in my life because I dont have room for them and I have a drooly dirty dog which means I need to avoid nicer more expensive stuff. I decided in the mean time my posts will continue in a dream list.

First up: Jeans. I woke up yesterday, couldn’t get out from under the blanket and realized fall has arrived. Once I did get up I realized I do not have one decent pair of jeans so off to the mall I went. Brian has bought every pair of his jeans from Lucky Brand so I figured I would give them a try as well. I left the store very happy!

If I had the room in my closet I would get a pair of all these:

I love skinny jeans but it is not the easiest for me to find a pair that fits me well, but of course, yesterday they all fit perfectly. I liked the low rise and mid waist and they come in a variety of colors.

Brian is not a fan of boyfriend jeans, but these are so comfortable!

The boot cut pair really should not be on this list because I ended up buying them. They made my short legs look long and lean. I was super excited to walk out with these!

If any guys are interested Brian really like the Straight jeans because they are relaxed along his legs, and I love them because they still have a bootylicious fit 🙂

What do you think? Are you a fan of Lucky Brand jeans or do you prefer a different brand?

Hannah Sheflyand

I have really been enjoying researching and listening to a variety of music so that I can develop these Music Monday posts. It has been a very hectic week and will be for another week (and then hopefully I get a breather) and unfortunately I was not able to get some new music up for today. Below is a summary of some of the past posts that can hopefully make up for the lack of a new one. Enjoy and hope you have a great week!

Country: Deer Tick, Amanda Shires (and one with her husband), Jason Isbell (+1 more), Shovels & Rope (+1 more), Striking Matches & Sera Cahoone

Indie: Lumineers, National, Postal Service, Two Gallants, Bright Eyes & Ingrid Michaelson

Rock: Ryan Adams, Mountain Goats & Palaxy Tracks

Hannah Sheflyand

Today is a very important day of remembrance for any American. I wrote in an earlier post about my feelings towards the events and the memorial/museum built in its place. I hope you can take a look before moving on to the rest of my post which is on a much lighter topic.

Our kitchen!

I love our KitchenAid StandMixer and have spent a lot of my free time with Brian experimenting in the kitchen with different desserts. I hope to include some new recipes soon. In the mean time I have started obsessing with all the attachments that can be added and the extra fun I could have if we got some. There are citrus juicers, pasta rollers, food grinders and this….

Standalone_1175X1290 (1)

Ice Cream Maker $100. How cool is this? Perfect for making homemade ice cream and all the recipes online seem pretty simple. Have you ever made your own ice cream?

Do you have a stand mixer at home? Any great gluten free recipes to share?

Hannah Sheflyand

Our studio apartment is small and a little crowded with Charlie, furniture and many nick naks. I try to keep the place organized to help keep the space open but I learned that there was one great trick to bring some light and happiness…

Fresh Flowers!

When I do my weekly food shopping I started the routine of picking up a bouquet of flowers and what a difference it has made. I love walking into our apartment every day and seeing a beautiful pop of color and changing it around every week.


I know this isn’t the newest idea when it comes to design but I love it.

Do you add fresh flowers into your home? What do you think of the idea?

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