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Hannah Sheflyand

After I broke my toe, and especially after my surgery, my right foot was very sensitive to the type of shoes I wore. I mostly switched back and forth between a pair of Toms and Birkenstocks. Miraculously one day my toe went from super sore to feeling all good, and even though heels are still out of the questions, I wanted to get myself a pretty pair of shoes that would get me through the rest of summer and into fall without hurting my toe again.

I fell in love with the comfiest cutest pair of shoes and wanted to share. I found them in Nordstrom, called BP Tara Wedge. What do you think?


What is your routine for cleaning out your closet? Since we have very little closet space I have started my own policy where every time I bring something new into the closet I donate something else. Which in this case means I will be getting rid of a pair of shoes, now I just need to choose one. What about you?

Hannah Sheflyand

This song came on Pandora in the middle of our quiet Saturday afternoon and it made both me and Brian just start dancing. The Lumineers have a lot of catchy songs like Ho Hey and Stubborn Love, but so far Big Parade has been my favorite.

I hope you can have some time for a listen (and maybe a secret little dance).

What other songs or bands help get you in the mood for some dancing around the house? Another favorite of mine for that is any music by the Gorillaz.

Hannah Sheflyand

Its been a very busy week for Brian and I. He started back at school and I have been running around with Charlie and the new foster dog Moose! Brian is also officially moving out of his apartment this weekend so we have been going crazy trying to sell the last of his stuff (if anyone needs some furniture) that is not fitting in our little studio. I wish this would be a nice relaxing weekend but it wont be with everything going on, hopefully next weekend though ūüôā

On the up side, this week I have been receiving tons of news and videos filled with¬†Great Dane stories. Have you heard about the Great Dane from Oregon who ate a huge amount of socks and survived? I felt it was a perfect mix between Charlie and my last dog Maggie (who ate everything when left alone).¬†There have also been some very cute pool party videos… I hope watching some will lift your already happy Friday spirits.

Do you have any videos of your dog or kid or whoever swimming? Charlie is deadly afraid of the water so I doubt we will get her into a pool or the beach water for quiet a while.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S.- The picture at the top of the post is from a hilarious photo book called Underwater Dogs.

Hannah Sheflyand

Right after Labor Day weekend, my house plants got the memo that summer has officially ended and they have all started dying. I knew it was inevitable but I hoped there would be a few more weeks of beautiful green colors and herby fragrances that would come from my window sill. The only reasonable thing to do is start shopping for some more plants ūüôā

I have really enjoyed my air plants and the ease of care and would really like to get some more… etsy to the rescue!


This is a gorgeous stained glass air plant holder from Glassetc. I love the bright green and think it would be the perfect pop of color to help get through the gloomy winter.


I am slowly running out of wall space for hanging stuff and this will be the perfect solution since I can hang it right from the ceiling. I love the pop of the Pink on the sea urchins that PetitBeast offers.


Another great option when there is little wall space available. This terrarium from Waen doesnt have a pop of color like I am usually pulled to, but I love the neutral geometric shape and think it would look great on any ones office desk and perfect for storing an air plant.


This style of recycled barn wood is very close to the air plant holders I have now, which is a great reason to get another matching set like this one from Triple7recycled.

I know that there have been a lot of plant related posts but I am on kick when it comes to anything green and living in our apartment. I am dreading the cold grey winter to come and hope all these ideas will help keep our space colorful and full of life.

Have you done any plant shopping recently? Any other ideas to help liven up small apartment spaces?

Hannah Sheflyand

There is something truly amazing about having any pet in your life, but the responsibility of a living being is tough and a much bigger responsibility then even my always dying plants.

I take Charlie to the veterinarians once a year for annual bloodwork and heartworm testing, vaccines (as needed), and any supplements and medication subscriptions. The rest of the year I keep an eye out for any symptoms that may signal something is off with her, especially since she cant speak for herself.

Working as a veterinary technician for many years I have witnessed countless critical pets who could have come in in better condition if they had some care from their owners back when symptoms started. One huge thing I found to be helpful is to have a pet emergency first aide kit in my apartment and in my car. I think its an easy way to prepare for the worst, it takes almost no time to make and costs very little if you build it up yourself. The first aide kit should never replace veterinary care but having it around eases my mind that in any situation I can help my pet out. All this seems like a lot for a pet, but they cant fend for themselves, so it becomes our responsibility.

1st step: Make an emergency contact list and place one on the fridge and one in your car’s first aide kit. I put each on an index card and include Charlie’s regular veterinarian, the closest emergency veterinary hospital and ASPCA poison control (800-426-4435). As a huge emergency precaution I¬†also keep a copy of her vaccines in the car and a recent photo (in case she gets lost and pictures need to be posted anywhere).

2nd step: Build the first aide kit with all your medical pet essentials. I bought a human first aide kit from the local pharmacy and added/removed a few items. I made sure to keep gauze pads, wrap bandage and vet wrap in case of any nicks or cuts. Latex gloves are also a plus to help with any sticky or bloody situations.

SONY DSCSome will suggest keeping an antibotic cream and some hydrogen peroxide in your kit but I highly suggest getting the spray version as its easier to apply to a wiggly animal. I also keep sterile eye wash, in case anything gets into Charlie’s eye, and an ice pack to help cool down any hot spots or in case she gets over heated. Having a pair of small scissors and some tweezers also comes in handy to cut away any hair in the way and to help pull out any ticks (make sure to do it properly or bring your pet to the vet to have them remove any ticks). I asked my veterinarian about¬†any over the counter medications I can give Charlie in case of emergency situations¬†and she advised me on the correct doses of¬†benedryl, immodium and buffered aspirin, which I keep in the car and at home.


3rd step: All the items in case of a medical emergency would be sufficient for a human first aide kit, but with a dog or cat, its good to have a few more items around. I keep a weeks worth of food in the car (make sure to change it out every few months), about 2 gallons of water, a bag of treats (to help coax a nervous dog), bug spray, emergency sleeping bag, a fleece blanket, paper towels & plastic bags, a flashlight and a swiss army knife.


I also always keep an extra collar and leash in the car and at home. It might seems a little over prepared but there have now been a few times where a freind or family member has spotted a dog loose on the streets and no one had anything to grab the dog with. A few handy treats, a collar and a slip leash has helped get the loose pet back into safe hands.

I fit all the stuff into a cute double plastic box and keep it tucked under the back seat of the car, and another box under the bathroom sink.


Have you made or bought a first aide kit for your pets? Here is your chance!

Your veterinarian can provide many helpful tips on what else you can pack but the essentials are definitly covered above. If any questions, please dont hesitate to ask me.

P.S.-Highly recommended extra step: Get your pet microchipped!

Hannah Sheflyand

This is the 100th post on SouthernFolly!!! I know that this isn’t a huge deal but its pretty exciting for me. I am not much of a writer but thought having a blog to share with Brian and Charlie and then with the online world would be an exciting journey. It truly has been fun to spend the time working on this blog and getting through 100 posts was much easier then I expected.

What have you thought about the blog? Anything more or different you would like to see on here?

I would be very happy with any suggestions or comments.

Thank you to all my readers and the blog/online world!

P.S.- Some of my favorite posts if you would like to take a look through- the first one, the barber spa experience, great music video, beautiful pics of Charlie, best cookies, decorating the apartment, a few weekend trips, our adventures on sailing, my obsession with plants and their care, beautiful southern homes, weekend getaways (I promise more to come), and many dog related posts!

Hannah Sheflyand

I am so happy that Ryan Adam’s hiatus from music has ended. He spent the last few years, since his last release Ashes & Fire¬†in 2011, recovering from an inner ear disease and enjoying his personal life. I am very excited for this new self titled album Ryan Adams to come out Sept 9th (I already have it preordered on Amazon)!!! A few of the songs have come out as singles pre album release and even though the favorite for most is Gimme Something Good, I am in love with the raw emotion found in My Wrecking Ball (video above). It is truly an amazing song filled with everything I ever expected from Ryan Adam’s music, it is a must listen.

Let me know what you think!!!

P.S.- Shovels & Rope album came out last week, great video here.