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Hannah Sheflyand

I am not sure if you have noticed, but Brian has a grumpy look all the time when it comes to photos (otherwise he is the opposite of a grump). We were looking through photographs over the weekend, just to relax and reminisce, and noticed that even if Brian was having a fabulous time he always has the grumpy face. Brian says that I don’t smile enough for photos, because of the Russian in me, but I finally have a compilation of photos as proof that he is the one that needs to smile more.


unnamed (1)






IMG_0004We enjoyed a few laughs looking through all these and Brian has given me full permission to embarrass him for this post.

Do you have a signature look or side for photos? I just smile as much as I can whenever I see a camera looking my way.

Hannah Sheflyand

I am motivated to make this week as productive and cheerful and stress free as possible. I heard this song this morning and think its the perfect way to start a Monday. Its cheerful, catchy and inspiring in many ways. Just listening to this song made me rush to the computer to download her whole, Sing to the Moon, album.

Take a listen! Does it not make you have a rush of energy to complete the daunting task waiting for you?

Hannah Sheflyand

If I could summarize my week in one photo it would be:

IMG_0156A mix of work, planning, family, weather and everything else makes me wish that each day this week had 28 hours instead of 24, but am super happy it is Friday and the weekend is almost here.  I apologize for the lack of posts this week and promise it will be back to normal now that our schedules are calming down.

Brian and I found that a good way to calm down at the end of the day is to drink some tea and spend some time, even if its just for a few minutes before we pass out, to check in on each other. I cant speak for him, but I have found that even a few minutes of talking about our day, the random conversations we have had with others, cute animal photos we saw online, or silly things Charlie has done recently, brings me back to the reality that the stress will pass and I am lucky that I have a great guy that lends a listening ear.

How has your week been? Any great tips for relaxing under stress…

Hannah Sheflyand

We are heading to my mothers house upstate for the weekend, which is conveniently right next to Belleayre Mountain. I learned to ski and snowboard there, and even though its is smaller then Hunter or Windham nearby, I love that this place is quieter. We are mostly going up for a lot of wedding planning but I am hoping to maybe have some time to get back on my snowboard.

I am no where near being an expert but after almost 10 yrs of snowboarding I thought I might be ready to start learning tricks, until I looked it up and saw this:





SebToots_Swiss2012_FrodePhoto_MG_4917I think I am going to skip on the big tricks and maybe start with small goals…

snowboard-trickAre you a snowboarder or skier? Any tips on starting out with tricks?

What are your plans for the weekend, staying bundled up or going out to play?


For my skier readers- I dont want you to think that they cant pull off awesome tricks too!

Hannah Sheflyand

The minute I am home I am running to get under my blankets and trying to warm up. No matter how many layers of clothing I wear I feel the only way I really warm up is under many layers of blankets.

This does not mean I don’t enjoy browsing those next possible layers of clothes to wear. My favorites this winter:


Endless Shirt, $78, I love baggy shirts and like how long and lean it looks.


Cashmere Tunic, $298, this is great for a pop of color in the gloomy winter, and warm to boot. Maybe if it goes on sale it can end up in my closet 🙂


Cashmere Pocket Hoodie, $288, the tomboy in me really loves this hoodie, Brians voice in me says its not the most flattering, but probably very warm and comfy which is why I would still throw it in my sweater collection.

Any awesome new finds that were added to your closet recently? I would love to hear.

Some of my want lists in the past here, here, here and here!

Hannah Sheflyand

I hate reality tv…. I am more into watching shows like Boardwalk Empire, House of Cards and Homeland, yet something really draws me to the craziness of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. I started watching during the Bachelorette season with Ashley Hebert and enjoyed it for all the eye candy plus the cute personality of Ashley. To this day I am definitely more of a fan of the Bachelorette compared to the Bachelor because there is less drama, the guys picked are always so hot and it seems a lot less awkward.

This season of the Bachelor just started last week, is with Chris Soules, the supposedly enormously successful farmer from Iowa (If any readers know, I am really interested, how does a farmer become enormously successful?). He seems like the pretty average midwesterner which means we can expect a lot more craziness from the girls to make up for it and just in the last 2 episodes, it has not disappointed. Brian has even secretly (and almost enjoyingly) started watching with me. Having a second person watch with me has made it more enjoyable, especially because I have someone to joke and gossip with about the girls with the “crazy eyes”, the big boobs and cute personalities. I can almost understand why people throw weekly Bachelor TV viewing parties… almost.

I did find it interesting that many avid watchers have started a fantasy football style game, many do it on their own, but my favorite is The Bachelor Bracket, where the girls you picked and the actions they take gain you points through each episode. I am not part of one these games but think it would be interesting to do in a future season. Are you a Bachelor/ Bachelorette viewer? Have you ever participated in one?

Its too early to really tell much about the girls this season but here are a few of Brian and my favorites that we think will make it to the end.


Britt- the waitress who seems to actually have a conversation without saying like in every sentence or act too ditsy.

430.1x1 (1)

Ashley I- the journalist from north NJ who claims she is a virgin and never had a boyfriend before.

430.1x1 (2)

Kaitlyn- the dance instructor who seems super confident about herself in not a vain way.

430.1x1 (3)

& Kelsey- From Austin, I just like her.

Any junky TV that you are a huge fan of?

Hannah Sheflyand

I am definitely in the wedding mood especially after spending all weekend looking for first dance songs and figuring out a playlist… blah… blah… blah…

I am in love with Joshua Radin’s music and super excited about his new album Onward & Sideways. I was going to post one of his new songs but found this cute video that was taped on Ellen DeGeneres’ show that shows the honesty of what he sings.

What do you think? Good addition to our wedding list?

How was your weekend?

Hannah Sheflyand

What a week! Other then this blistering cold, I have had a very busy yet fun week which made it fly by. I woke up about to write a few more posts and realized its already Friday. Truthfully all of December flew by so I am not surprised that another week followed in the same path.

I am not a fan of the winter and the shorter days definitely make me feel moodier and lazier and the way I have found to combat that the easiest is by making plans to be out of the apartment more often. In the summer I usually just enjoy spending the afternoon at the dog park, reading out in the sun while Charlie runs around, but now it is even too cold for that. For this winter, Brian and I have found more small concerts to go to, spend more time out with family doing lunches or dinners and of course lots of Russian sauna dates. Charlie has had the short end of the stick though, while we are away for weekends and when we went to DC and Charleston, my mom very graciously took care of Charlie, and Charlie loves spending time with her, but I feel I don’t put in as much effort in the winter with her. Do you have that same feeling with your animals?

Because I was feeling so guilty I started looking for fun dog activities to do indoors and came across dog ecards (very unproductive session of googling). I cant believe I have never seen these before, and I am probably the last one but I thought I would share my favorites which made me crack up and think of Charlie and my life with her.


Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

I promise this will be the last post specifically about our holidays until the end of the year when it comes around again, however there was so much that happened and I would love to share the stories and photos (we forgot our camera so unfortunately these are all iPhone photos)…


unnamed (1)

We had an amazing weekend in Alexandria, VA over Christmas visiting Brian’s family. His sister lives in a beautiful old colonial house and in a great neighborhood near many little shops. When we were in California, Brian enjoyed playing around with acrobatics so for Christmas he got a unicycle and some juggling balls to get him started. Luckily the weather was amazing and we had many opportunities to hang out and play. Everyone was super generous with gifts which was unnecessary but a great way to spend Christmas morning followed by a lot of delicious food.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Brian’s sister was due to have a baby Christmas day but the days passed and no baby, so we spent a lot of time just walking around, reading and, at the end, making gingerbread cookies. Instead of going with the traditional cookies we played around with zombie cookies 🙂

unnamed (4)

And then the little beautiful Lillian Marie was born on December 27th… and we headed home for a day to repack and then off again for New Years celebrations!

unnamed (14)

unnamed (19)

I surprised Brian by flying us into Charleston, SC and spending a few days fattening ourselves up on good food and southern hospitality. We spent two days in downtown Charleston where we had a beautiful New Years dinner at McCradys, some time relaxing and some time shopping, followed by more and more food.

unnamed (8)

unnamed (7)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (10)

One afternoon we decided to take a short drive to the Charleston Tea Plantation. Big fun fact, this is the only major tea farm in all of North America, the next closest one is Guatemala. The whole place is not very big, there is only 4 workers in the whole plantation and a few in the store but the place pumps out lots of tea on a daily basis. Another fun fact, tea plants, Camillia sinensis, naturally produce chemicals that keep bugs and weeds away which means this whole plantation is maintained without herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. We had a fun time taking a tour around the shop and then through the whole plantation. Brian was especially interested in the custom made machine that was designed so one person can drive and collect the tea leaves all in one go. I was very happy to bring home lots of yummy tea and spend a wonderful warm afternoon with Brian 🙂

unnamed (11)

We then headed off to the Middleton Plantation. We have visited the plantation before and I really loved the gardens and found out they have an inn just a short trail walk from the plantation gardens.

unnamed (12)

unnamed (16)

unnamed (18)

unnamed (17)

unnamed (20)

unnamed (13)

unnamed (21)


I am so happy that we decided to stay here! There are not enough words to explain just how beautiful and relaxing our weekend away ended up being. Our room was rustic with a big fireplace, which was Brian’s favorite part because he got to play with fire each evening, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Ashley River. Each morning we would wake up and had the opportunity to walk through the whole plantation before it was even open to the public. We also had time to play with all the farm animals ranging from horses and pigs to chickens and goats.  We both agreed that the best part was walking around the property and under the old oak trees covered in spanish moss (the blue speck on the last photo is me under a 300 year old oak tree).

unnamed (5)

The biggest news by far & for our trip… Brian and I are thrilled to announce that we are ENGAGED! Brian surprised me by asking me to marry him on New Years eve. We were able to celebrate the New Year and a new Engagement. It was a magical and giddy evening and weekend. We are already going crazy with wedding planning, my love for lists has finally paid off… but mainly we have been enthralled with calling each other Fiance and talking about all our future plans together.

(I don’t want this blog to become filled with wedding posts so I think instead I will just do a monthly update for those interested… but I am very open to ideas. What do you think?)

How were your holidays? Any stories to share?

Hannah Sheflyand

I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday break. Brian and I had a whirlwind of fun visiting family and then getting away for a few days, I will share a lot more tomorrow.

We spent a lot of our time driving to and from family and after running out of podcasts we switched over to pandora and our music collection. My favorite was listening to She & Him’s album, Classics, which is filled with soothing remedies and perfect for holiday listening (their Christmas album is pretty awesome too!). I was really happy to find out they produced a very cute music video with one of my favorite songs “Stay Awhile.”

What do you think?

How were your holidays and New Years?