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Hannah Sheflyand

I found this article filled with beautiful photos of older dogs. Over 100 rescue dogs were deployed by FEMA to search the wreckage at the Pentagon and World Trade Center and only about 15 of them survived. The photos below are some of those survivors many years later.

980x (1) 980x (2) 980xIf you like any of the photos, they are also available for purchase through the photographer Charlotte Dumas’ website.

And on another note, I found a really great phone app (for both android and iPhone), that donates money to any shelter you choose, just by walking your dog. I volunteer with the Mid-Antlantic Great Dane Rescue, so if you dont have any shelter in mind, I would be grateful if you chose this rescue (to do so download the app, click on shelter to help, pick Maryland, search for midatlantic great dane rescue and your all set). Whichever shelter or group you pick, I think this is an amazing program and great way to raise money for a much needed community.


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