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Apartment Life: Closet Space

Hannah Sheflyand

I grew up in a big house with my own room and a lot of closet space, and as a girl, I always strived to have that closet packed to the brim. Now Brian and I share a studio apartment with one dresser and one small closet to split our clothes between the two of us. It was a challenge at first but after donating a lot of unnecessary clothing and then some reorganization we have been making it work for about a year now.


However I looked into our closet earlier this week and realized it was in need of some reorganizing. There were hangers tangled everywhere, clothes falling from the top and shoes all over the floor. I was in shock when I realized how bad it had become without me doing something with it before.

SONY DSCI was looking through to find how I could make our closet a little easier to navigate and everyone recommended some Ultra Thin Velvet Hangers. I bought the one above and donated all the ones below (just the size of all these plastic hangers took up too much space).


After just an hour of cleaning up and putting in the new hangers, it felt like we had a new closet (and some extra space for more clothes)!


I always feel like I need to do some more clothes shopping as a reward gift for myself after tackling small projects like this.

What do you think? Have you done any clothes purging or closet organizing recently?

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