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Charlie The Dane
Charlie The Dane

Charlie The Dane

I just wanted to also chime in and wish everyone a great holiday season. While Hannah & Brian are away I get to spend my time in upstate New York in a winter wonderland. I am super excited to be up here because it’s almost always snowing and I love love love playing in the snow!

I wanted to share my new favorite video with everyone before you dig in to your own big holiday dinners.

I watched it about a hundred times cracking up over the moody teenage golden, the pittie who stole the other dogs food and especially the growling dogs under the mistletoe 🙂 What did you think of the video? Did you know all the dogs featured in the video are from an animal shelter?

I don’t know if you are aware but I came to Hannah through an adoption, she was not my original owner. As I got older I got too big and too much work for my previous owner and he decided to give me away, I got lucky to find a new parent with time and energy to spend on me. I want to stress the importance of not giving a puppy as a holiday gift. Getting a dog should be a very thought out process with many conversations on not only how cute the puppy will be when you first get him/her but also what will happen down the line when the puppy is grown up, full of energy and sometimes even getting into trouble. However, if you do decide to get a dog, consider adoption, you can end up with someone as awesome and cute as me!

Here is the making of the above video which also goes into detail about the company’s work with shelter animals:

Thank you for reading and watching and I hope everyone has as an exciting time, as I am right now, over the holidays!

Charlie The Dane

I don’t think Hannah realizes how chilly I can get when the temperature drops. Even though I am big compared to others, I have little insulation when it comes to fat or fur. Hannah noticed that I was shivering the other evening and we have decided to go in search for a winter jacket. Hopefully this will be the last year we will need one for me.

Do your pets get a layer of clothing when the temperatures drop through the fall and winter?

Here are my top picks for jackets:


Riders Turnout Sheet $25, a great light weight jacket with a waterproof outer shell and a warm inner lining. Perfect for the fall weather up here on the northeast coast.


Rambo Dog Blanket $49, looks super warm and is adorable with the stripes and multiple colors to choose from.


Blue Ribbon Custom Jacket $79. This is my favorite jacket because it has many layers of warmth and yet is still very comfortable to wear. A plus is that you can pick whatever color and trim you want and a personal monogram can be added.

All the jackets above are from Dover Saddlery which is mostly for horses but they have a great selection of dog jackets, collars and leashes.

Muttluks is another great company, mostly known for their perfect dog booties, has a few winter jackets that look great when it comes to the brutal winter.


3 Layer Belted Winter Coat $64, how gorgeous would green or pink look on me? The jacket is super warm which is helpful when it is more then just about looks.


Jogger Jacket $77, this may be a little excessive but looks super warm and am actually considering it even with the goofy look.

What do you think of our top picks? Do you have any other recommendations?

Charlie The Dane

Hannah’s foot is finally healed up and we can now go out and explore. Its been a long few months where we couldn’t go hiking which means my exercise was mostly at the dog park and running with Brian. As long as I am exercised every day I am a happy puppy but I especially love running off leash out in the wild. We had the opportunity to spend last weekend up in the Catskills and had a good time just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Hannah took a lot of photos and I wanted to share them, especially the many she took of me. Hope you enjoy!




SONY DSC Read more…

Charlie The Dane

We have a Roomba at home to help clean up all the hair that I shed. I wish I was small enough to ride around on it but found this video to be hugely entertaining.

Hannah raves about the Roomba all the time to the point of me being a little jealous. While browsing the internet with her today I was happy to find that she is somewhat normal compared to all these other pet parents.

What do you think of this hilarious article?

Charlie The Dane

I just wanted to add something to what Hannah wrote about our great weekend hiking. Other then some cute photos of me that she didn’t post (don’t worry they are below) I wanted to flaunt my new back pack. I have had a few different packs over the last 2 years mostly because they have not been durable enough for my rambunctious squirmy body and they fall apart most often right in the middle of a hike. Though my newest one, Kyjen Dog Backpack, has survived over a year now and I wanted to show it off. Read more…

Charlie The Dane

Since it has been decided that we will continue living in this small apartment until the move down to Charleston, Hannah determined we need to have some serious spring cleaning done. Not only has  the place been cleaned like new, that even my precious drool spots on the wall are gone, but everything has been reorganized and replaced.

This spring cleaning, unfortunately, got even more intense and started a very ruff day for me when Hannah noticed that my dog bed was smelling a little too strong for her. Read more…

Charlie The Dane

I, Charlie, a huge goofball dane, hate the cold. The only thing I love about the winters here on the east coast is SNOW! Even though everyone thought the season for it was over, I was very excited to wake up this morning to a blanket of snow on the ground. Hannah hopes it is finally the last, I on the other hand wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning.


P.S.- Hannah apologizes for filming this vertically, it was a spur of the moment run in the snow and she wasn’t well prepared.