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Away I Go…

Hannah Sheflyand

I am on my way to a 2 week vacation to Italy with my mom! We are heading to Rome first and then traveling down to the Amalfi coast. This trip has been long in the process of planning which makes me super excited to finally go.

I was born in Rome and left when I was too little to remember. My family lived in a little beach town right outside of Rome so we will definitely be making a sideline and spending a day visiting the town since its been almost 25 years since we have been there.

I am sorry for not being able to post anything new the last few days but I hope you can understand the craziness that ensues before this kind of long trip. I will do my best to post some updates and photos during the trip but if not I hope you can enjoy some of my past posts until I return!

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  1. Oh I bet that is going to be so exciting! Have fun over there!

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