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Bike Riding

Hannah Sheflyand

Me and Brian are more into indoor exercising, such as rock climbing or yoga, but with the warmer weather I have been craving some outdoor fun, and luckily Brian agreed. With my foot still recovering I knew hiking was out of the picture, so we decided to try biking instead. I have not gone biking in a long time and was very happy to do so again, even though we were both exhausted after. We went late enough where it wasn’t too hot and had a great ride exploring the neighborhood and parks nearby. We both have bikes but are probably do for an upgrade, once we are in Charleston it will definitely be on the top of our list.

The store Public, is based in San Francisco, but delivers throughout the US. Here is our favorites:


My favorite is the Dutch Commuter Bike, $679


The Mixte Bike is the perfect color, $799


Brian’s favorite is the Electric Bike, $1999, we will have to save up for that one.

We hope to take another bike ride this weekend. We are also going to a Shovels & Rope concert this evening which I am very excited about.

What are your plans for the weekend? Going outdoors or staying in relaxing?

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