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Blood Brothers- Ingrid Michaelson

Hannah Sheflyand

Over the weekend I bought Ingrid Michaelson’s new record Lights Out and after I finished listening to that album, it got me into the mood to listen to all of her albums. It’s been an Ingrid Michaelson weekend jam session, Brian is not too pleased but he loves me anyway. Ingrid’s music definitely has indie style but it is much more light hearted and relaxed, the perfect read a book on the porch or pre-dinner party type of listening. Although she has come out with a ton of great music, she does not have too many music videos to choose from, but Blood Brothers sticks out, mostly for its uniqueness and originality.

What do you think?

If you like this music video, you should definitely listen to more of her. My favorite is her cover of Cant Help Falling in Love (Elvis’ version vs Ingrid’s version).

She is also on tour and will be in NYC for SummerStage on July 30!

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