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Books and the Weekend!

Hannah Sheflyand

It was inevitable for it to rain at some point after all this beautiful weather, so this Saturday we will try to enjoy the last of the beautiful weather but once the rain starts I plan on hoarding myself away with some books. Both Brian and I have been super busy with everything from work and school to the apartment and Charlie and have not had much time to just lay out, relax and enjoy a good book… until this weekend. It is odd but I am very excited to have absolutely no plans other then reading.

The last book I read which I would highly recommend is Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Once I finished with Goldfinch I was at a loss for what to read next and was happy that we now have tons of options to get ideas.

My first place to check out was What I Should Read Next. You type in a title or author of a recent book you enjoyed and the website pulls up other books that you might find interesting. I have now used the site a few times and have always found something interesting to read. An example of what appears when I typed in Goldfinch is below…


Another great place to find ideas of what to read next is Underground New York Public Library. This is a blog filled of photos of people reading all over New York City and have given me a bunch of ideas on what to read. See below…





And the last one I wanted to share I just found today on which is a funny flow chart on everything that is better to read then 50 Shades of Grey (click the link to get the full flow chart).

What do you think of these different ways to get some good book ideas? Any recommendations on what I should I indulge in next?

Here is the list of books I have ready to go for this weekend…

download (2)

Relish– a memoir written in comic form

download (1)

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls– Sedaris’ latest cant put down book


The Mockingbird Next Door– the first in depth biography on Harper Lee

download (3)

Guns Germs and Steel– I am a little late on the hype but happy to take some time and finally read it

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets some time to read a good book!

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