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Cacti & Succulents

Hannah Sheflyand

Growing up our house was filled with lots of different plants but for some reason I didn’t see an indoor cactus plant until I lived in California. In warmer weather these plants grow like weeds, but on the north east coast there is a little extra care needed to keep these guys alive. Compared to air plants or orchids, succulents are super easy to take care. I have been very happy to add some into our apartment.




  • Brand New- It is important to that your new cactus and/or other succulents are in the right potting mixture. It is important that the plant is in a container that drains well, even though glass terrariums look pretty with the cacti in them, it is a lot more work to water and keep them alive that way. The best is just a clay or plastic pot with plenty of holes in the bottom. The soil should be a special succulent potting mix but it is easy to make one at home by making a mix of sand and regular potting soil. Luckily if you buy them from a flower store most of the time they already are in the proper mix.
  • Lighting- The plants need A LOT of indirect light, the spike or leaves will start yellowing when they are not getting enough.
  • Temperature- The best about most succulents is that they are ok with a wide range of temperatures but prefer the warmer environments.
  • Watering- These guys should be heavily watered when growing/flowering at least once weekly, but the watering can be reduced significantly in the winter.
  • Fertilizer- Not necessary if you dont want the plant to grow bigger, but should only be used in the warmer months if you do want the succulent to grow.


Are these plants awesome or what? I sometimes forget I have them at all because of their low maintenance. Would you prefer these guys or the Air Plants or Orchids I discussed before?


How adorable is this cactus necklace?

(Other cactus/succulent plants are from the etsy stores SucculentsGalore & FreshOrganicBodyCare.)

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