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Hannah Sheflyand

I love the rain, but you know who doesn’t? Charlie. Every time I have to drag her out into the rain, and then bring her home and have to endure the wet dog smell, I vow to myself I will buy her a raincoat.

Here are some ridiculously cute raincoats that Charlie will probably look pathetic in but I will torture her with anyway.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.15.25 PM

My favorite: Mountaineering Raincoat, $31


I will most likely be getting this raincoat for Charlie since Kyjen has great quality products: Outward Hound Designer Rain Jacket, $45


I think Charlie would “enjoy” this one the most but it’s a little pricey: Great Dane Raincoat, $111


Brian promised that if I buy this one for Charlie, he will get a tracksuit to match: Full Body Raincoat, $110


Charlie The Dane

We have a Roomba at home to help clean up all the hair that I shed. I wish I was small enough to ride around on it but found this video to be hugely entertaining.

Hannah raves about the Roomba all the time to the point of me being a little jealous. While browsing the internet with her today I was happy to find that she is somewhat normal compared to all these other pet parents.

What do you think of this hilarious article?

Hannah Sheflyand

I wanted to get some more inspiration for animal photography after my hike with Charlie the other day and came across this adorable website filled with photographs of Maddie on Things.

tumblr_mwodf26pyG1r9164to1_500 tumblr_n0hlcnkGwa1r9164to1_500 tumblr_n0ui7gZ2d31r9164to1_500 tumblr_n4p9tbS7Jf1r9164to1_500 tumblr_n192mmiIOw1r9164to1_500

Its so inspiring to see such beautiful photos and a very well behaved dog. I wish Charlie would stand so still, maybe some training is due for her in the near future.

The photographer behind all these photos, Theron Humphrey, also worked on a great project called Why We Rescue. Check out all the amazing photos he has to offer.

Hannah Sheflyand

After my last dog, Maggie, passed away, I would long for another pet companion, but the most often would be when I lived in Ventura and would venture to the beach. So of course once Charlie was in the picture we went on many many beach trips. It was very sad when we went on our last beach trip before moving to the east coast, especially because I was afraid we would not find as many dog friendly beaches out here.

Charlie at Ventura Beach

Charlie at Ventura Beach

Then Brian introduced us to some beaches in New Jersey. Read more…

Charlie The Dane

I just wanted to add something to what Hannah wrote about our great weekend hiking. Other then some cute photos of me that she didn’t post (don’t worry they are below) I wanted to flaunt my new back pack. I have had a few different packs over the last 2 years mostly because they have not been durable enough for my rambunctious squirmy body and they fall apart most often right in the middle of a hike. Though my newest one, Kyjen Dog Backpack, has survived over a year now and I wanted to show it off. Read more…

Charlie The Dane

Since it has been decided that we will continue living in this small apartment until the move down to Charleston, Hannah determined we need to have some serious spring cleaning done. Not only has  the place been cleaned like new, that even my precious drool spots on the wall are gone, but everything has been reorganized and replaced.

This spring cleaning, unfortunately, got even more intense and started a very ruff day for me when Hannah noticed that my dog bed was smelling a little too strong for her. Read more…

Charlie The Dane

I, Charlie, a huge goofball dane, hate the cold. The only thing I love about the winters here on the east coast is SNOW! Even though everyone thought the season for it was over, I was very excited to wake up this morning to a blanket of snow on the ground. Hannah hopes it is finally the last, I on the other hand wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning.


P.S.- Hannah apologizes for filming this vertically, it was a spur of the moment run in the snow and she wasn’t well prepared.