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Christmas Trees

Hannah Sheflyand

My family never celebrated Christmas because we are Jewish, but we would put up a tree because we would get a visit from Santa Claus on New Years and also because my family did not want me and my sister to feel left out when it came to enjoying the holiday spirit. The one rule was that we could not put up the tree until after Christmas 🙂

Brian however does celebrate Christmas so we have been doing things a littler differently the last few years. Since we do not want to completely ignore the other persons holiday, we celebrate both, I give Brian his big gift on Christmas and I get my big gift on New Years, this way we stay respectful to our family traditions.

When it comes to when we will put up the Christmas tree we have not had much issue yet because we do not have the space for a big tree in our tiny studio. Instead I bought a little shrub to put on our windowsill which brings a little holiday spirit into the apartment without taking up any extra unavailable space…


I hope that by next year we will be already moved down south and will have a slightly bigger space to work with; Brian and I can start a holiday Christmas tree trimming tradition filled with calm music and lots of hot chocolate and holiday spirit.

What do you do for the holidays? Is a tree put up or do you end up spending the holidays elsewhere where a tree in the house is not useful? I’d love to hear any of the traditions you follow that we should think of starting since I am fairly new to it all.

I have been enviously looking at all the beautifully decorated christmas trees and trying to decide how I would decorate mine if I could this year and also grab some inspiration for the hopefully big tree we will have next year.













I am a big fan of the rustic styled trees with very little lighting and ornaments and with pinecones but I can see how that takes away from the personal ornaments that people hang up that remind them of other people or memories.

If you do put up a tree, how do you like decorating it? Do you change it up every year or keep it the same?

I hope everyone’s holidays are starting off pretty calmly. Don’t forget if you are still missing some gifts, there are many great ideas up for him, her, friends, family and even dogs 🙂


  1. I love christmas trees. Really.
    I prefer the most traditional trees, but all they looks really great!

    xo 🙂
    Merry christmas!

  2. These trees a wonderful and creative. I really like the stick tree. In a way it embodies what Christmas is all about; Sometimes our lives may seem hopeless like bare sticks tossed away for trash but with hope, faith, & love we can turn our sticks into something uniquely beautiful.

  3. It is nice and beautiful~merry christmas!

  4. Great post! I love the Christmas tree made with frames, ‘paper garlands’ and flowers! 🙂

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