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Clean Up!

Hannah Sheflyand

With all the holiday craziness going around, especially since we are in and out of town the next few weeks, I find it really important to not forget that the apartment needs to somehow stay clean through it all.

We have a very small space which starts looking messy and dirty with just a few things out of place. I find it important to keep some rules in the apartment to keep everything looking clean.

  1. Shoes off! No matter what.
  2. Roomba runs daily (weekends it gets a break) and gets cleaned daily.
  3. Follow my daily/monthly cleaning list.
  4. Every morning, anything out of place we find a place.

Shoes- Charlie brings in a lot of dirt just from her daily walks (probably would be a little ridiculous to have her wear booties) and I cant control that. However the dirt Brian and I, or any of our guests, bring in can be somewhat controlled by not wearing our shoes inside.

Roomba– Before we got a Roomba I was vacuuming almost daily to keep the dog hair from spreading everywhere. Now I just have the Roomba programmed to run on a daily basis and it is one very big thing that I do not need to think about anymore. Life (& time) saver for any pet owner!

Cleaning List- I know many who group a few hours every week or so and do all the cleaning in one go. I can’t do that, I do not have the patience or usually a time gap for that. Instead I made myself a cleaning list with different tasks for different days and as long as I stick closely to that, the apartment stays clean.

The list is nothing fancy but it hangs on the fridge where it is unforgettable.

The list is nothing fancy but it hangs on the fridge where it is always reminding us of the tasks for the day.

Morning Walk Through- Just as it sounds, every morning before I leave for the day I walk through and if any thing is out of place I put it back. Just a few minutes a day and it keeps the clutter at bay.

I have to admit that we still fall behind once in a while and Brian and I decide whether it is better to find a few hours where we can do a deep cleaning together or we hire a cleaning lady for the day.

What do you do to keep your home clean? Do you work on it by yourself or do you have others help?


  1. I never even thought of getting a Roomba! Sounds really convenient, especially for pet owners.
    :] // ▲ ▲

    • They are awesome. I rave about it to anyone and everyone. It doesn’t replace a vacuum for the more tough cleaning but it really helps out a lot on a day to day basis.

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