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Hannah Sheflyand

What a week! Other then this blistering cold, I have had a very busy yet fun week which made it fly by. I woke up about to write a few more posts and realized its already Friday. Truthfully all of December flew by so I am not surprised that another week followed in the same path.

I am not a fan of the winter and the shorter days definitely make me feel moodier and lazier and the way I have found to combat that the easiest is by making plans to be out of the apartment more often. In the summer I usually just enjoy spending the afternoon at the dog park, reading out in the sun while Charlie runs around, but now it is even too cold for that. For this winter, Brian and I have found more small concerts to go to, spend more time out with family doing lunches or dinners and of course lots of Russian sauna dates. Charlie has had the short end of the stick though, while we are away for weekends and when we went to DC and Charleston, my mom very graciously took care of Charlie, and Charlie loves spending time with her, but I feel I don’t put in as much effort in the winter with her. Do you have that same feeling with your animals?

Because I was feeling so guilty I started looking for fun dog activities to do indoors and came across dog ecards (very unproductive session of googling). I cant believe I have never seen these before, and I am probably the last one but I thought I would share my favorites which made me crack up and think of Charlie and my life with her.













My favorite was actually not an ecard but a decal and if I didn’t hate the idea of car decals so much I would definitely be ordering one for my car 🙂

great_dane_decalI hope everyone has a beautiful weekend filled with many adventures while I try to be more productive on this computer and actually find things to do with my pup.


  1. OMG I so love your quotes, too funny!!! thanks for making my day.

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