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Dogs with Purpose

Hannah Sheflyand

Brian and I often joke about how Charlie needs to get her lazy dog butt up and do some work around the house to earn her keep. Then I saw these photos of actual working dogs and felt I needed to run home and start training my lazy great dane to do something more then eat, sleep, fart and cuddle. I love these photos and the hard work it portrays. It is one of those weeks where photos are really inspiring me and changing my mood drastically day by day.










These are photos of dogs trained to do a multitude of things- some are cattle dogs, others are search and rescue dogs, some are hunters and others are used for security. It is a beautiful thing what canines are willing to do by a handler/owner’s side. These and many more photos like it can be found on the photographers website and this great article!

What do you think? If you have any pets, have you trained them to do anything special?


  1. Oh my, I love these shots, amazing! Our favorite tv indulgence these days is a show about the different dogs working with the police over here in Norway, we simply can’t stop watching it! At the same time I look at my silky terrier and realize her sort of work is killing teddy bears and chewing bones… Not much to make a show about, still love her though. +M+

  2. Ha! I feel the same way sometimes lol… but, Shiner is way too stubborn I think. I can barely get her to move out of my spot on the bed when I want to sleep there.

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