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Dream List: Jeans

Hannah Sheflyand

I stopped using the title of want list for my posts because I feel it sounds very eager and that I really want those items in my life. Which technically is the case but… the big butt… I dont have these items in my apartment or in my life because I dont have room for them and I have a drooly dirty dog which means I need to avoid nicer more expensive stuff. I decided in the mean time my posts will continue in a dream list.

First up: Jeans. I woke up yesterday, couldn’t get out from under the blanket and realized fall has arrived. Once I did get up I realized I do not have one decent pair of jeans so off to the mall I went. Brian has bought every pair of his jeans from Lucky Brand so I figured I would give them a try as well. I left the store very happy!

If I had the room in my closet I would get a pair of all these:

I love skinny jeans but it is not the easiest for me to find a pair that fits me well, but of course, yesterday they all fit perfectly. I liked the low rise and mid waist and they come in a variety of colors.

Brian is not a fan of boyfriend jeans, but these are so comfortable!

The boot cut pair really should not be on this list because I ended up buying them. They made my short legs look long and lean. I was super excited to walk out with these!

If any guys are interested Brian really like the Straight jeans because they are relaxed along his legs, and I love them because they still have a bootylicious fit 🙂

What do you think? Are you a fan of Lucky Brand jeans or do you prefer a different brand?

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