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Dream List: Objects in the Kitchen

Hannah Sheflyand

I enjoy the look of metal and the shiny cleanliness in the kitchen, but in the last few months I have grown a fondness for the rustic wood feel in the kitchen. It brings a warmth and even a little disorder which makes working in the kitchen more fun.

I am in the love with The-Commons and wish I could fill my kitchen with their products, for now I will do my best to add one item at a time. They also have a great blog that I follow.

What do you think?


Napkin Rings, $9 each. I love how each one is unique and hand crafted.


Cheese Knife, $14. The total opposite to the big metal knives hanging on our kitchen wall, which is why I love the idea of one so much.


Maple Bowl, $44. I still don’t understand why some of these wooden bowls are so expensive, but this one looks worth it. This bowl is hand cut from one piece of wood and finished with a raw edge around. Love it!


Cutting Board, $196. I have a little OCD when it comes to cutting boards, in that each one can only be used for one specific food product; so fruits, veggies, fish and meat all have separate boards. Which is the perfect excuse for me to add another one to our kitchen.

What are some of your kitchen essentials?

I cant wait to add any of these items to our growing kitchen essentials.

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