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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Hannah Sheflyand

Father’s day is just around the corner. Here are some great finds with a little southern charm mixed in that I have considered getting for my dad for the upcoming Fathers Day.


Cast iron skillet, $37, Every man needs a sturdy pan for frying up some bacon and eggs

The Southerners Handbook $28, A great coffee table book with some fun and quirky advice on being a modern Southerner


Whiskey Stones $11, If your father enjoys a cool glass at the end of the day like mine does, then this is a must buy.


Custom Cuff Links $175, Who wouldn’t want to show their charm through hide cuff links

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 7.24.16 PM

Shooting sweater $78, This warm wool sweater has the classic protection patches whether you are out hunting or just relaxing on the couch. And another version for a little cheaper.

What do you think of these options? What are your plans for Father’s Day?

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