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Hannah Sheflyand

If you need a plant that you can forget to water, needs little light and still looks gorgeous in your place then Ferns are your answer. I got a few of them for my birthday and could not imagine my apartment without them, the plants bring such a rich green color and new life to the place.



  • Lighting- Make sure to keep these plants away from direct light as the leaves can easily “burn” and will wilt off.
  • Temperature- These guys prefer warmer environments and 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is preferable
  • Watering- Keep the soil moist all year round, whether that means once weekly or once monthly will depend on the humidity and amount of light your fern receives
  • Fertilizer- Unnecessary, but the plants do better when being re-potted once yearly in the spring.

Adorable fern necklace

What do you think about the easy care of these plants? I wish I had room for more of these plants in our place.

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