Perspectives of a Lady, Gentleman & Dane

Have a Great Weekend!

Hannah Sheflyand

Its been a very busy week for Brian and I. He started back at school and I have been running around with Charlie and the new foster dog Moose! Brian is also officially moving out of his apartment this weekend so we have been going crazy trying to sell the last of his stuff (if anyone needs some furniture) that is not fitting in our little studio. I wish this would be a nice relaxing weekend but it wont be with everything going on, hopefully next weekend though 🙂

On the up side, this week I have been receiving tons of news and videos filled with Great Dane stories. Have you heard about the Great Dane from Oregon who ate a huge amount of socks and survived? I felt it was a perfect mix between Charlie and my last dog Maggie (who ate everything when left alone). There have also been some very cute pool party videos… I hope watching some will lift your already happy Friday spirits.

Do you have any videos of your dog or kid or whoever swimming? Charlie is deadly afraid of the water so I doubt we will get her into a pool or the beach water for quiet a while.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S.- The picture at the top of the post is from a hilarious photo book called Underwater Dogs.

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