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Ikea Hackers

Hannah Sheflyand

While looking for ways to organize the closet I came across Ikea Hackers. I am amazed I have never found this site before but I am happy I finally did. Our studio apartment is filled with Ikea furniture and we have had to do our own minor hacks to fit our furniture into the small spaces. I will have to share our apartment furniture pictures some point soon but in the meantime how cool are these hacks to make dog beds, I am putting Brian on a mission to make one for Charlie soon.


This bed only requires 2 Ikea pieces, a dog mattress and some paint.


I love the simplicity of this bed and Charlie would love having a little cave space of her own and its just 2 pieces of Ikea furniture drilled together.


This bed is not realistic for the space in our apartment but I hope we can build something like this for Charlie once we get a bigger space. It also doubles as a guest bed for visitors, though I doubt anyone would want to sleep over a stinky snoring Charlie all night ­čÖé

Do you have ikea furniture in your apartment? Have you used the Ikeahackers site before?

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