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Apartment Life: Kitchen Appliances

Hannah Sheflyand

I thought I would be the girl who grew up eating out and hopefully never stepping into a kitchen and having to cook more then a grilled cheese or heating up some pizza. Once I got sick and started eating a clean diet, I was forced to spend some more time in the kitchen. Now I love the kitchen and am excited to come home after work and create something delicious, it definitely helps that I have Brian to experiment with.

Having such little cooking & baking experience before, Brian and I have been slowly gearing up our kitchen one gadget at a time.


We started with cast iron pans, which there will definitely be a lot more posts about


Then we bought some salt blocks to experiment some more


Once we started getting lazy we added a Kuerig into our kitchen, what a life saver in the morning


I make a lot of smoothies and after my very old blender finally died on me, I thought it would be worth it to invest in a Vitamix. Money well spent!

Over the weekend Brian really wanted to make liege waffles which required a good mixer, so off we went and came home with this….

I never thought I would be so excited over a kitchen appliance but I am really really really excited. I cant wait to start researching for baking recipes especially if they are vegan and gluten free. If you have any recommendations please pass them on, I will share any new ones I try.

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