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My Awesome Hiking Bag

Charlie The Dane

I just wanted to add something to what Hannah wrote about our great weekend hiking. Other then some cute photos of me that she didn’t post (don’t worry they are below) I wanted to flaunt my new back pack. I have had a few different packs over the last 2 years mostly because they have not been durable enough for my rambunctious squirmy body and they fall apart most often right in the middle of a hike. Though my newest one, Kyjen Dog Backpack, has survived over a year now and I wanted to show it off.


Not only does it look good on me but it also has a very comfortable structure. It assembles on my body with a soft harness around my chest and double straps to secure around my tummy. The backpack contains even distribution of 2 packs on either side of me, and because they are sewn in rather then velcroed my mom feels it has been much more durable with holding all my stuff. There is also a great handle in the middle, so if I am off leash and my mom needs to hold me for any reason, she can easily and comfortably grab and hold me.

My mom has a camelbak that holds her water, snacks and other little trinkets. It’s nice that with my bag I can do the same. Some things change depending on how intense the hike is but the essentials Hannah packs for me are shown in the picture below: water bottle, leash, extra poop bags, small first aide kit (not in picture), squeaky ball and my favorite liver treats. As you can see there is plenty of room for even more.


This backpack is perfect for the hiking we do and Hannah cant wait to see if other Kyjen products stand up to the durability of my craziness. Kyjen has a specific line called Outward Hound that is perfect for adding to your list of outdoor and transportation dog gear.

Do you and your pup have any essentials for outdoor walks and/or hikes? Any great recommendations for what I can add to my pack?




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