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My Wrecking Ball- Ryan Adams

Hannah Sheflyand

I am so happy that Ryan Adam’s hiatus from music has ended. He spent the last few years, since his last release Ashes & Fire in 2011, recovering from an inner ear disease and enjoying his personal life. I am very excited for this new self titled album Ryan Adams to come out Sept 9th (I already have it preordered on Amazon)!!! A few of the songs have come out as singles pre album release and even though the favorite for most is Gimme Something Good, I am in love with the raw emotion found in My Wrecking Ball (video above). It is truly an amazing song filled with everything I ever expected from Ryan Adam’s music, it is a must listen.

Let me know what you think!!!

P.S.- Shovels & Rope album came out last week, great video here.

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