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New Favorite Shoes

Hannah Sheflyand

After I broke my toe, and especially after my surgery, my right foot was very sensitive to the type of shoes I wore. I mostly switched back and forth between a pair of Toms and Birkenstocks. Miraculously one day my toe went from super sore to feeling all good, and even though heels are still out of the questions, I wanted to get myself a pretty pair of shoes that would get me through the rest of summer and into fall without hurting my toe again.

I fell in love with the comfiest cutest pair of shoes and wanted to share. I found them in Nordstrom, called BP Tara Wedge. What do you think?


What is your routine for cleaning out your closet? Since we have very little closet space I have started my own policy where every time I bring something new into the closet I donate something else. Which in this case means I will be getting rid of a pair of shoes, now I just need to choose one. What about you?

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