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New Phone Case

Hannah Sheflyand

I think that out of all my accessories- from hats and scarves to shoes and clothes- the one thing that I get bored and change the most often is my iPhone case. Yet somehow since getting the iPhone 5 and grabbing a random glittery case in a crowded store, I just couldn’t find a case that would fit me and my personality. Over a year has gone by with a case I couldn’t care less about and yet every time I go to the apple store it has been too crowded and my patience wore thin pretty fast.

Old iPhone Case

Old iPhone Case

It seems such a silly modern thing to worry about a phone case, but it is something I walk around with on a daily basis and everyone sees. I feel it should be something that represents me in just a quick glance, so instead of going through some more crowded stores I decided to start looking online.


The few I was debating between:

Wooden Case– eco friendly & etched with a beautiful picture, but a few reviews marked that because the case is wooden, if dropped it has a higher chance of cracking

Wristlet case– pretty, sturdy, & eliminates a need for a wallet on a daily basis

Wooden Case 2– I prefer the first wooden case, but this one has plastic edges and less chance of cracking if the phone falls, which unfortunately happens a lot to my stuff


As I was still debating which case to buy and experiment with, Brian came home a few days ago with a surprise for me, a custom made iPhone case. I don’t know why I did not think of it sooner, but there are plenty of websites online that do the same thing. Brian used Vistaprint, which he said was a very simple process, just pick the type of case wanted (either lightweight or sturdy), upload the edited picture of your choice, and in about 10 business days the case is sent out to your home.

Brian has a talent with picking the perfect gifts for me, the case has an edited photo of the South Carolina flag, something simple and with little flare, just the way I like.

My New Case

My New Case

What do you think of my new case? Would you try making your own, or do you enjoy browsing the stores and online until something special pulls you in?


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