Perspectives of a Lady, Gentleman & Dane

New Tattoo

Charlie The Dane

Since it has been decided that we will continue living in this small apartment until the move down to Charleston, Hannah determined we need to have some serious spring cleaning done. Not only has  the place been cleaned like new, that even my precious drool spots on the wall are gone, but everything has been reorganized and replaced.

This spring cleaning, unfortunately, got even more intense and started a very ruff day for me when Hannah noticed that my dog bed was smelling a little too strong for her. Not only did the bed have to go into the wash but I needed to get a bath to match the now clean apartment and furniture. The one thing I won’t let my mom do is wash me. She convinced me to go with her to Petsmart in promise of some new treats, thats when I realized she still has some tricks up her sleeve as she dropped me off at the groomers in the back.

I came out an hour later cleaner, smelling like lavender and with a new “tattoo” on my hip. Petsmart has tons of options for dog owners when it comes to grooming and bathing, including what they call Pet Expressions, Hannah picked out a green star stencil. I have to say that I enjoy the extra attention I receive from human strangers when walking around and from all my dog pals at the dog park.

The best part is that for a day or two Hannah actually lets me sit on the couch since I am now clean.


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