Perspectives of a Lady, Gentleman & Dane

No Children- Mountain Goats

Brian McCarthy

Back in 2002, The Mountain Goats put out a highly polished, at least by their standards, concept album, Tallahassee,  which is unified around chronicling the tempests and furies of a relationship set in Tallahassee.  The album isn’t up beat and I’ve chosen the hardest hitting song on the album to hopefully draw you in to experiencing the album as a whole, trust me it’s worth it. So why pick such a downer of a song / album?  Love, no matter how strong, will be tested and tried.  Through out the album the relationship is tested in many ways and yet even at their darkest hour they go down “hand in unlovable hand”. To me this shows a strength and endurance which is missing in the current pop-culture frailty of relationships. Divorce after divorce I see people unwilling to weather unavoidable storms. So what’s the point?  The storms are coming and they might last an entire album, so the question is, are you willing to weather it or are you cutting loose to save yourself? Let me know what you think.

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