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One Man’s Folly

Hannah Sheflyand

The weekend is finally here! Do you have any special plans? Brian is finally done with his class for the summer so we hope to just spend some much needed free time hanging out together, working on our blogs and just relaxing.

I found another photo book I hope to add to our coffee table. Other then the ┬átitle, One Man’s Folly, being close to my heart, this exceptional book filled with over 250 photos, gives the reader the opportunity to tour Furlow Gatewood’s compound. This compound is not very popular, but his four treasure filled homes have become fascination and study for many southern decorators. I find the photos to show the rooms to be filled a little over the top with what my mom calls chachkas, but I like my rooms to be more simply decorated. What about you, do you like the southern charm look? How would you like to decorate your dream home?






I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts that travel to different southern homes; they are available here, here, here & here, and if you have some free time check out the last posts on easy indoor plant care.

(All photos & more can be found at Garden & Gun)

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