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Our Anniversary

Hannah Sheflyand

We had our anniversary over the weekend, neither of us are big romantics and with the holiday season in full swing, we both found it best to stay home, hang out and just enjoy each others company.

Since we also just spent a lot of our money on holidays gifts for each other and for our family and friends we agreed no big gifts and instead something cute, cheap and simple. Brian got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sweet card which was perfect. Being that I could not gift Brian a bouquet of flowers I went searching for a gift that would show how much I appreciate him but still stay on budget.


I got him a bagful of yummy goodies with little messages written on them such as “I am Stuck on you” on the gum, “I am Nuts about you” on the peanut m&ms and “There are a million Reese’s why I love you” on the Reese’s cups. I also filled it with some scratch off cards with “I won the Lotto when I met you” and then some beef jerky and salt taffys just because those are Brian’s favorite goodies. I was afraid over all the whole thing was a little too cheezy but I think he loved it more because of that.

We both ended up enjoying the gift while watching movies all day in bed 🙂

What do you like doing for special occasions like anniversaries? Do you prefer to go all out or do something smaller and more intimate?


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