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Apartment Life: Plants

Hannah Sheflyand

A few weeks ago I posted about the easy home care of a few of my favorite plants but then I never had a chance to post anything about the plants in my home. I wanted to share how easy it is to bring some green into your house with very little care. I used to not be able to keep anything alive for more then a few weeks, either by over or under watering and not putting them in the proper environment, but with just a little research everything in our place has been flourishing.


I love my ferns but it took a little experimentation on the watering schedule and the sunlight for these guys. If you look at the baby fern one side is all brown because the first week I had them I put the plants into too much sun. I have learned my lesson and once they were moved the ferns started flourishing. If you want more info on the care of these guys check out my easy how-to on them here.


I am also super proud of my herb box. I used to grow herbs out on the porch but this apartment doesn’t have one so I hoped that indoor direct sunlight would be enough and I got lucky! We now have lemongrass, chives, mint, thyme and many more growing at fast speed. We cant even catch up and use them enough in our kitchen. Have you grown any herbs indoors?


My aloe plant is by far the easiest plant to keep alive and it has been very useful. After my foot surgery I used the sap inside the leaves as a homeopathic spread over the wound to help heal it and keep it from over drying.


I am the most proud for not only keeping my orchids alive but for actually getting them to re-bloom. I honestly thought that once you buy an orchid from the store and the flowers finally wilt that the orchid will never re-bloom but that is definitely not the case. It takes a little extra work but these guys can re-bloom for many years.


Another very easy to take care of plant is the air plant. Just a soak once a week keeps these guys healthy and bring a great pop of green to the room. The beauty of these plants is that even if you miss a week all you need to do when you remember is to give them a little extra soak.


Easy to care for plants are really my trend. Its not that I dont have the time to commit for something a little more serious but it just seems no matter how closely I follow the instructions any plant that is fragile dies on me. Luckily the cacti are practically the opposite of fragile. We have one plopped on our table near the window.


And this one spends most of its time at Brian’s work. He has a special little light for it and its so easy to take care of that even Brian has kept this one alive for over a year.

I am hoping that all these plants stay strong through the winter, but I know that is doubtful with the little sun we will have for many months. The death of some will bring an opportunity and space to have more variety of plants into the house and I am excited to have a chance to play around with some hardier, less sun friendly, plants in the next few months.

What about you? Do you have any luck keeping plants alive through the winter?

P.S.- Thorough how-to on taking care of the following plants: ferns, aloe, cacti, orchids & air plants.

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