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Rainy Weather

Hannah Sheflyand

I love the rain, but you know who doesn’t? Charlie. Every time I have to drag her out into the rain, and then bring her home and have to endure the wet dog smell, I vow to myself I will buy her a raincoat.

Here are some ridiculously cute raincoats that Charlie will probably look pathetic in but I will torture her with anyway.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.15.25 PM

My favorite: Mountaineering Raincoat, $31


I will most likely be getting this raincoat for Charlie since Kyjen has great quality products: Outward Hound Designer Rain Jacket, $45


I think Charlie would “enjoy” this one the most but it’s a little pricey: Great Dane Raincoat, $111


Brian promised that if I buy this one for Charlie, he will get a tracksuit to match: Full Body Raincoat, $110


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