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Ready for the Weekend?

Hannah Sheflyand

This weekend is already not going as planned. I woke up today even more sick then yesterday, and even though I would love to just spend the whole weekend in bed with hot tea with honey, we are off to Boston for the weekend! I am usually the type of person who plans everything, almost hour by hour, for trips weeks ahead of time, but somehow time has gotten the best of me so I will rush and plan everything as best as I can all tonight.

On a very happy note, our foster dog Moose is getting adopted today! He has been fun to have around but we are all excited he now has a permanent home. Below are some pictures of him from the last few weeks, isnt he adorable:







We will miss you big guy!

I hope the rainy weather for tomorrow will disappear early in the day and we can go bike riding all around town, what about you? What are your plans for the weekend?

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