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Sailing: Ready to Sail!

Hannah Sheflyand

We got our certification over the weekend! Now we just need to find some sailing buddies so we can get the opportunity to go out on the water more. We spent Sunday evening looking and admiring the different style and size sail boats and watching different videos of these boats out on the water.

I learned Brian and I have very different expectations for what we want when it comes to the ideal sailing day out on the water. Brian wants the experience of strong wind in his face, water hiting the deck and the thrill of the boat heeling over (turning to its side). He loved watching the racing videos (example above) and wants to go that extreme!

Team Tilt D35 LvS

Yikes, Im happy I have a strong stomach to handle it all.

I, on the other hand, imagine the perfect day out on a sailbout is to relax on the deck with a nice drink and the sun setting behind me.

This would be ideal for me...

This would be ideal for me…

Luckily we both enjoy each others company enough that we will probably compromise and spend our future sailing days indulging in both of our imagined perfect days out on a boat.

How about you? Whats your perfect relaxing day outdoors, near the water or up in the mountains? Or somewhere completely different?

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