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Hannah Sheflyand

Have you heard of George Lois before? The show Mad Men is supposedly based off the character of George Lois (though George Lois does not like to be compared to the show). While in business he completely changed the marketing and cultural world with his very unique creative thinking and produced beautiful ad work for decades. His book, Damn Good Advice  (for people with talent!), has been on my list to read for quiet some time and I happy to have finally gotten to it.

What an enjoyable read. Every caption of advice has its own little story from his life experience that helps explain why he added it to the list. I would love to share a few:

  1. All the tools in the world are meaningless without an essential idea.
  2. Always go for the big idea!
  3. “Im sorry I could not have written a shorter letter, but I didnt have the time”-Abraham Lincoln, Think long. Write short.
  4. If you think people are dumb, youll spend a lifetime doing dumb work.
  5. Maybe the best way to define your future is to reinvent it.
  6. If you act ike one of those lecheroud TV Mad Men in your office, you’ll wind up getting screwed.
  7. The only thing that gets better when it gets bigger is a penis.
  8. Dont sleep your life away.
  9. Dont get mad, get even.

The last quote was definitely my favorite but it was hard to choose because the whole book was filled with amazing stories and advice. Have you read his book before? What do you think?

P.S.- Need some reading ideas?

And here are a few examples of George Lois’ past work:






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