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Southern Girls

Hannah Sheflyand

An amazing article was posted on Garden & Gun and I am in love with this story about three women who return to their family farm in Tennessee. The way these girls have returned to their roots and started their own business in a beautifully described farming area is a very sweet story and the pictures attached are gorgeous and make me want to move somewhere south with a big property and just buy a lot of goats (I love me a lot of goats!!!). Their business ideas and how they run their business is what I wish most restaurants would strive for because those are the most gratifying and delicious. Some quotes from the article are below but the whole thing can be viewed on Garden & Gun.

The farm:

Riverplains has been owned and inhabited by the Niceley family for generations, four of which still reside there. The farm covers more than four hundred rolling acres, which hug both banks of the Holston River, and has remained so unaltered over the ages that the narrows still hold a primitive fish trap one visiting archaeologist dated back to before the 1500s. The trap is a simple stack of rocks that could have been easily moved at any point, and yet, there it sits as if frozen in some sort
of Southern amber, a literal touchstone offering hope that no matter how messed up modern life becomes, there will always be pockets of the past we cannot destroy.”

The business:

The three of them joined forces nearly four years ago to run an old-fashioned, one-stop, Southern food operation that
 includes select wholesale—local chefs snap up cornmeal, grits, eggs, raw milk shares, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork—a non-GMO food truck, cooking and butchering lessons focusing on historic methods of grain, meat, and dairy prep, and soon, a brick-and-mortar Knoxville restaurant called Mister Canteen. The trio tends every crop from soil to plate—call it seed to table—a food initiative they believe bridges the gap between farmer and chef. “I love being able to bring our food to people in every form,” says Anna, a certified holistic nutritionist. “We are farming it, harvesting it, preparing it, and serving it.””







How gorgeous are these photos? Do you want to be on the next plane to Tennessee with me?

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