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Summer Nights

Hannah Sheflyand

I cannot wait until we move south and have warmer weather all year round, I love the heat and the warmth of the sun on me. Our tiny apartment leaves us very cold all winter and we end up having the heat on full blast and hidden under a very warm comforter. Now with the summer in full swing and our apartment is warm, I think it is time we get a second bedding set for our bed/apartment. From everyone’s recommendations for summer bedding, Brian and I decided we want to get a nice big cotton quilt, especially since we can use it as an extra blanket come winter when it will get cold again. I hope that one day I will acquire the skill to make a handmade quilt but in the mean time store bought will have to do the trick. I looked at Macy’s, Nordstrom and a few little boutiques and couldn’t find the right fit for us until Brian reminded me to go look on etsy. I have a genius boyfriend but now also have too many options and cant decide.

I love all the prints & styles. What do you think?








The quilts are from the following etsy shops: HandiPalace, PentagonCrafts, RajasthanRoyals & Moomal

Now I just have to pick! I love the rustic look of quilts compared to a single color comforter covers.

How do you cope with the weather change when it comes to your bed? Have quilts worked for you?

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