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Hannah Sheflyand

We live in a pretty small studio apartment and the walls are almost all covered in artwork and photos but the kitchen space seemed to be the one location we really didnt know how to spice up. For Brian’s birthday we went out to dinner at Momofuku Ko (which we highly recommend) and saw a pig carved with something very similar to the picture above. It inspired us to look for artwork similar in style.

I decided to try searching through Etsy where I found the KitchenBathPrints store. They have such a variety of design prints but we fell in love with their animal butcher diagrams.

il_570xN il_570xN2 il_570xN3 il_570xN4

We went with the choice of picking 9 different prints– which also includes a rabbit, duck and even a deer. Now just waiting anxiously for it to arrive.

How did you decorate your kitchen to make it your own?