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Hannah Sheflyand

How was your weekend? Are you ready for this crazy week ahead? We tried our best to get as much rest as possible since we will be going away for Christmas and then away again for New Years.

I have really been enjoying moody soulful songs lately and of course this song always come to mind when I want to listen to that type of music. It is somehow the perfect mix of depressing yet sexy. I also feels it works great on any holiday music list you might have.

What is your favorite kind of music to listen to during the holidays? I have also been listening a lot to She & Him’s new album, Classics, and their Christmas album,¬†A Very She & Him Christmas. I would highly recommend them if you need to add to your holiday playlist.

What are your plans for the week?

Hannah Sheflyand

We are a big fan of Johnny Cash and spend a lot of our downtime listening to our growing collection of his vinyls. This weekend we added American V: A Hundred Highways, a record that was recorded but then released almost 3 years after his death. The album is filled with many somber songs including this cover song by Nine Inch Nails. The song is filled with regret and sadness and makes me tear up every time I hear it and every time I see this video, yet I really really love it.

Are you a Johnny Cash fan? What do you think of this song?