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Hannah Sheflyand

How did your weekend go? I was sick through the whole thing and still sick, so I am huddled in bed drinking lots of hot tea hoping I heal quick.

I was really excited that after just posting about Jason Isbell, his wife and him just released a two single ep “Sea Songs“. I am in love all over. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Have a happy healthy week 🙂


Hannah Sheflyand

Sorry for the big delays between posts, it has been a crazy time since New Years. I am hoping over the next few weeks things will calm down and I will be able to work more on this blog. I really enjoy it, as its a way for me to be always learning something new, and it is a great way to focus and relax.

Since Valentines day is so close I thought it would be fun to have the week focus on flowers, gifts and just overall love, whether for others or just for yourself. Over the weekend Brian and I were really excited to be able to see Jason Isbell in concert in New York (he is one of our favorite country/rock singers and I have written many posts for Music Monday on him because I just love love love his songs). We were extra lucky because Jason Isbell’s wife, Amanda Shires, came to join on stage for a few duets. Both of them were as amazing live, as I thought they would be, but by far the favorite through the whole audience was Cover Me Up and I thought it was perfect for a love filled week.

Did you have a listen? Does this song not send goosebumps up your arms?

How was your weekend? Excited for Valentines day or dreading the whole thing and excited for the week to be over?

Hannah Sheflyand

I am over all a bigger fan of raspy deep mens voices in songs, but for some odd reason the last few weeks I have been continually listening to a variety of womens vocal songs. There is something almost soothing about it that I enjoy in these cold (almost) winter days that I can listen easily with a big hot cup of tea.

This song and all of Lera Lynn’s music has been on repeat in my house, but Sarah Jarosz and Amanda Shires pops up a lot too!

What is the type of music you listen to when you need some time to just relax and stay warm?

Happy Friday!


I am happy that this week was so busy that it flew by. No more concerts for a while but we have a lot of plans to keep ourselves busy for the next few weeks, starting with this weekend which we will be spending upstate in the Catskills with Brian’s parents.

I am also excited to be heading into  NYC this evening, for a date night with my mom and little sister, to go to a new photo exhibit at International Center of Photography by Sebastio Salgado called Genesis.


One of the photos previewed for the exhibit

Ashley from Hither&Thither has got me excited about the new addition to the High Line Park so I hope to be heading there for an after dinner walk as well.


A glimpse of the new part of the park. I hope to take a lot of photos later today and post them later.

I have been enjoying my free time catching up on some reading, especially loving this book, and on some blog posts I have been missing out on the last few weeks.

My favorites this week have all been from Garden & Gun, I think I am just missing Charleston and southern life and enjoy reading and dreaming about our future there.

A day in the life of a southern chef

New coffee table book with beautiful photos of southern artists

Do you want to add some extra flare for your walls?

The best honey!

40 Years in Georgia (cover photo above from here)

Do you know how cane syrup/sugar is made?

I hope you enjoy some of the reading and can see my love for the southern charm that flows out of Garden&Gun’s website.

Any fun plans for your weekend?

Hannah Sheflyand

I have really been enjoying researching and listening to a variety of music so that I can develop these Music Monday posts. It has been a very hectic week and will be for another week (and then hopefully I get a breather) and unfortunately I was not able to get some new music up for today. Below is a summary of some of the past posts that can hopefully make up for the lack of a new one. Enjoy and hope you have a great week!

Country: Deer Tick, Amanda Shires (and one with her husband), Jason Isbell (+1 more), Shovels & Rope (+1 more), Striking Matches & Sera Cahoone

Indie: Lumineers, National, Postal Service, Two Gallants, Bright Eyes & Ingrid Michaelson

Rock: Ryan Adams, Mountain Goats & Palaxy Tracks

Hannah Sheflyand

I have only recently heard of Deer Tick even though they have been around for a while. They are labeled as a rock band however I feel most of their music has a quality of folk and country just without the country twang mixed in. Deer Tick does a lot of great covers in their live music but I am also really fond of their newest album, Negativity. This video for Dream’s in the Ditch is a perfect example of the kind of music throughout the whole album, and its a cute idea for a music video.

What do you think? Have you heard of anything new music wise that you can share with me?

Hannah Sheflyand

An amazing article was posted on Garden & Gun and I am in love with this story about three women who return to their family farm in Tennessee. The way these girls have returned to their roots and started their own business in a beautifully described farming area is a very sweet story and the pictures attached are gorgeous and make me want to move somewhere south with a big property and just buy a lot of goats (I love me a lot of goats!!!). Their business ideas and how they run their business is what I wish most restaurants would strive for because those are the most gratifying and delicious. Some quotes from the article are below but the whole thing can be viewed on Garden & Gun.

The farm:

Riverplains has been owned and inhabited by the Niceley family for generations, four of which still reside there. The farm covers more than four hundred rolling acres, which hug both banks of the Holston River, and has remained so unaltered over the ages that the narrows still hold a primitive fish trap one visiting archaeologist dated back to before the 1500s. The trap is a simple stack of rocks that could have been easily moved at any point, and yet, there it sits as if frozen in some sort
of Southern amber, a literal touchstone offering hope that no matter how messed up modern life becomes, there will always be pockets of the past we cannot destroy.”

The business:

The three of them joined forces nearly four years ago to run an old-fashioned, one-stop, Southern food operation that
 includes select wholesale—local chefs snap up cornmeal, grits, eggs, raw milk shares, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork—a non-GMO food truck, cooking and butchering lessons focusing on historic methods of grain, meat, and dairy prep, and soon, a brick-and-mortar Knoxville restaurant called Mister Canteen. The trio tends every crop from soil to plate—call it seed to table—a food initiative they believe bridges the gap between farmer and chef. “I love being able to bring our food to people in every form,” says Anna, a certified holistic nutritionist. “We are farming it, harvesting it, preparing it, and serving it.””







How gorgeous are these photos? Do you want to be on the next plane to Tennessee with me?

Some other articles of beautiful property can be viewed here, here and here.

Hannah Sheflyand

I hope everyone had a great past week and weekend. Our trip to Vermont was amazing and I will definitely post some stories and pictures this week.

Even though today we are just getting back to the groove of things I wanted to share a music post I have been thinking about for a while. I am not a huge fan of country music but the singer who has changed me around on that is Jason Isbell (which I have posted before here & here), and today’s post is all about his hugely talented wife, Amanda Shires.She might not have all the fame like her husband but she is an amazing songwriter and deserves a listen. Wasted and Rollin’ is a favorite of mine from her latest album Down Fell the Doves, but if you want to get an overall feel for her music Carrying Lightning is free for Amazon Prime Members (if you are a student Amazon Prime is free for the first 6 months).

P.S.- If you are in love with this country power couple as much as Brian and I are, then you should have a listen to an awesome interview they did with the podcast Death, Sex and Money.

Hannah Sheflyand

Renovating and decorating a house will not make it a complete and cozy home without some work on the surrounding outdoors.

Have I mentioned how much I love Garden & Gun magazine, the website is now filled with albums of the most beautiful homes, and now I found out, with some gorgeous gardens. Elizabeth Locke has lived in her estate with her husband for 33 years and has spent all that time making the garden she has now, filled with a perfect mix of beautiful flower gardens, vegetable gardens & even a chicken coop.

I love when Elizabeth states “Its not surprising that you never see the phrase ‘brilliant young garder’… it takes a lifetime.” Her full interview can be found here. Based on the photos below it looks like her hard work has really paid off. What do you think?



010 Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

The weekend is finally here! Do you have any special plans? Brian is finally done with his class for the summer so we hope to just spend some much needed free time hanging out together, working on our blogs and just relaxing.

I found another photo book I hope to add to our coffee table. Other then the  title, One Man’s Folly, being close to my heart, this exceptional book filled with over 250 photos, gives the reader the opportunity to tour Furlow Gatewood’s compound. This compound is not very popular, but his four treasure filled homes have become fascination and study for many southern decorators. I find the photos to show the rooms to be filled a little over the top with what my mom calls chachkas, but I like my rooms to be more simply decorated. What about you, do you like the southern charm look? How would you like to decorate your dream home?






I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts that travel to different southern homes; they are available here, here, here & here, and if you have some free time check out the last posts on easy indoor plant care.

(All photos & more can be found at Garden & Gun)