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Hannah Sheflyand

Have you come across 20×200 ‘s website? I wish I had more wall space in our tiny apartment just so I can buy more of the gorgeous work featured through this company every month. All the art is original, in limited edition and when you sign up for emails, once a month you get to be teased all over again. The best part is its super affordable!

Today I was enticed by William Wegmans photography. Take a look…




Animal photography gets me every time. Charlie might be a little jealous if I bring one of these pieces home.

What do you think?

Hannah Sheflyand

I cannot wait until we move south and have warmer weather all year round, I love the heat and the warmth of the sun on me. Our tiny apartment leaves us very cold all winter and we end up having the heat on full blast and hidden under a very warm comforter. Now with the summer in full swing and our apartment is warm, I think it is time we get a second bedding set for our bed/apartment. From everyone’s recommendations for summer bedding, Brian and I decided we want to get a nice big cotton quilt, especially since we can use it as an extra blanket come winter when it will get cold again. I hope that one day I will acquire the skill to make a handmade quilt but in the mean time store bought will have to do the trick. I looked at Macy’s, Nordstrom and a few little boutiques and couldn’t find the right fit for us until Brian reminded me to go look on etsy. I have a genius boyfriend but now also have too many options and cant decide.

I love all the prints & styles. What do you think?








The quilts are from the following etsy shops: HandiPalace, PentagonCrafts, RajasthanRoyals & Moomal

Now I just have to pick! I love the rustic look of quilts compared to a single color comforter covers.

How do you cope with the weather change when it comes to your bed? Have quilts worked for you?

Hannah Sheflyand

The weekend is finally here! Do you have any special plans? Brian is finally done with his class for the summer so we hope to just spend some much needed free time hanging out together, working on our blogs and just relaxing.

I found another photo book I hope to add to our coffee table. Other then the  title, One Man’s Folly, being close to my heart, this exceptional book filled with over 250 photos, gives the reader the opportunity to tour Furlow Gatewood’s compound. This compound is not very popular, but his four treasure filled homes have become fascination and study for many southern decorators. I find the photos to show the rooms to be filled a little over the top with what my mom calls chachkas, but I like my rooms to be more simply decorated. What about you, do you like the southern charm look? How would you like to decorate your dream home?






I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts that travel to different southern homes; they are available here, here, here & here, and if you have some free time check out the last posts on easy indoor plant care.

(All photos & more can be found at Garden & Gun)

Hannah Sheflyand

I decorate our apartment very sparingly because of the fear of cluttering every room. I enjoy free space and have a fascination with southern homes. I love all the extra detail put into every piece of furniture and hope one day I can have the eye to do the same. How beautiful are these homes and the rooms decorated? Anne-Quatrano-kitchen-7








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Hannah Sheflyand

Have I mentioned how much Brian loves bacon? I have never met some one so in love with pork belly, I believe he loves it more then anything else in the world. Over the weekend, we came across a great addition to our kitchen. Isn’t it a perfect pairing with our clay pig?


Most of the apartment has been equally decorated by me and Brian, but there is definitely a big pig influence creeping in, especially with this and this also in our kitchen.

Here are some other great etsy finds to follow the bacon theme that I have considered adding to our place.




Are you a pork/bacon fan?

I always thought I would decorate the kitchen with different floral arrangements, but now its more food themed. What about your kitchen?

(Items from etsy shops- Mugs, Bacon Soap & Poster)



Hannah Sheflyand

If you need a plant that you can forget to water, needs little light and still looks gorgeous in your place then Ferns are your answer. I got a few of them for my birthday and could not imagine my apartment without them, the plants bring such a rich green color and new life to the place.


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Hannah Sheflyand

Growing up our house was filled with lots of different plants but for some reason I didn’t see an indoor cactus plant until I lived in California. In warmer weather these plants grow like weeds, but on the north east coast there is a little extra care needed to keep these guys alive. Compared to air plants or orchids, succulents are super easy to take care. I have been very happy to add some into our apartment.



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Hannah Sheflyand

I often have one or two orchid plants potted somewhere in my house. Over the years I have had way too many of these die on me, or thats what I thought. They often are fully bloomed when I receive them, and a month later the flowers fall off, the flowers never return, and the plant ends up in the garbage. Does this sound like a familiar situation to others?

If only I took the time to research how to bring back these beautiful flowers back to life, I think my place would have been filled with them by now.

There are more then 30,000 species of orchids but the ones most often found in most homes are Phalaenopsis or Dendrobium.


Phalaenopsis- these have round flowers with a big lip and each stalk has a separate root system


Dendrobium- these plants have smaller flowers that grow in rows up the stalk of the plant

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Hannah Sheflyand

I would like to try something new and do a weekly topic once in a while on the blog, and hopefully get Brian more involved with it as well.

I thought Indoor Plants would be a great first topic.

We live in a small apartment, and by that I mean teany tiny, add a huge dog into the mix, and the place feels even smaller. Decorating with brighter color posters and paintings has helped a little but after a lot of experimentation I have found that adding a few plants into the mix has made a huge difference.

First up: Tillandsia (aka Air Plant)

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