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Hannah Sheflyand

Have you heard about this now fully funded Kickstarter card game? Brian asked that we invest a few months ago and I finally got around to actually reading into what we bought. It not only got 100% funded, it got 10,000% funded. For a card game that seems pretty crazy right? I have to say I cant wait to play it, the game looks pretty funny and entertaining and I bet it will be the next Cards Against Humanity (which was also funded through Kickstarter). What do you think?

The game was created by Matthew Inman (from The Oatmeal), Elan Lee (from Xbox) & Shane Small (Marvel). Its quirky but genius and so far seems pretty simple to play.  Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

Do you feel like all of your interactions with friends and family have become a bunch of texts and emails? I did not even notice it until recently when I started needing help with wedding planning. Texts are great for quick messages or little reminders but I have started to really enjoy spending even just a few minutes catching up on the phone. I was enjoying these conversations more and more that I started looking into getting myself a little stationary so I can start writing letters and show those that are most important to me that I took the extra effort to write a note to them.

Then Brian and I started looking for wedding stationary and wow was I blown away by everything out there. I am pretty happy that both of us wanted to go with something fairly simple so picking the stationary went quickly and smoothly. However for myself the options are limitless and I cant decide.

Garden & Gun wrote a great article on the etiquette of stationary for both him and her and what should be sitting on your desk. I thought it was a great starter to help figure out what I should order for me, and maybe Brian too 🙂 Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

My family never celebrated Christmas because we are Jewish, but we would put up a tree because we would get a visit from Santa Claus on New Years and also because my family did not want me and my sister to feel left out when it came to enjoying the holiday spirit. The one rule was that we could not put up the tree until after Christmas 🙂

Brian however does celebrate Christmas so we have been doing things a littler differently the last few years. Since we do not want to completely ignore the other persons holiday, we celebrate both, I give Brian his big gift on Christmas and I get my big gift on New Years, this way we stay respectful to our family traditions.

When it comes to when we will put up the Christmas tree we have not had much issue yet because we do not have the space for a big tree in our tiny studio. Instead I bought a little shrub to put on our windowsill which brings a little holiday spirit into the apartment without taking up any extra unavailable space…


I hope that by next year we will be already moved down south and will have a slightly bigger space to work with; Brian and I can start a holiday Christmas tree trimming tradition filled with calm music and lots of hot chocolate and holiday spirit.

What do you do for the holidays? Is a tree put up or do you end up spending the holidays elsewhere where a tree in the house is not useful? I’d love to hear any of the traditions you follow that we should think of starting since I am fairly new to it all.

I have been enviously looking at all the beautifully decorated christmas trees and trying to decide how I would decorate mine if I could this year and also grab some inspiration for the hopefully big tree we will have next year.



10-christmas-staycation-tree-1214-lgn Read more…

Brian McCarthy

Beretta has released a fantastic video highlighting the manufacturing process of their signature shotgun. I’m a manufacturer at heart. I love knowing how things are made. What I also love is when a company takes pride in what they do. The blending of modern technology and hand crafting shows me that Beretta understands when and where to apply technology and when to leave it to a human touch. Maybe that’s what has made them successful for the past 488 years.

So tell me, now that you know how they’re made, will you be picking up a Beretta of your own?

Hannah Sheflyand

If you cant tell by now, I am an avid follower of Garden & Gun magazine and their online site. All year I have been patiently waiting for their yearly Made in the South Awards and the results are finally in. There is 1 overall winner  and then 1 for each of the 5 categories (Outdoors, Food, Home, Drink, Style & Design) and 3 runners up. I am very happy with all the top picks this year, what do you think?


Outdoors Winner: Bulls Bay OYRO– Wood Fired Oyster Cooker. Made in McClellanville, SC.


Style & Design Winner: Raleigh Denim Workshop. Made in Releigh, NC.


Drink Winner: Kentucky Owl– Bourbon. Made in Bardstown, KY.


Home Winner: M. Callahan Studio– Quilts. Made in Oklahoma City, OK.


My Favorite! Food Winner: Olive & Sinclair– Duck Fat Caramels. Made in Nashville, TN.

If your interested in the stories of any of these great companies or would like to see all the great runners up, check them out here!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm. Brian and I will be spending our Sunday warming up at this awesome Turkish Bath House.

Hannah Sheflyand

This weekend Brian and I are heading to Boston, and I have been excited planning for it all week. Of course I woke up this morning with the scratchiest painful throat 🙁 I hope it heals before Saturday morning.

In the mean time I am longingly looking at all these warm chunky sweaters and want them all wrapped around my sore throat right now:


Hooded Wood Scarf $98- My favorite!!!

In the mean time I will rest with a big cup of hot lemon ginger tea with lots of honey.

What types of scarves do you like to wear? Any good remedies for a sore throat?

Hannah Sheflyand

I enjoy the look of metal and the shiny cleanliness in the kitchen, but in the last few months I have grown a fondness for the rustic wood feel in the kitchen. It brings a warmth and even a little disorder which makes working in the kitchen more fun.

I am in the love with The-Commons and wish I could fill my kitchen with their products, for now I will do my best to add one item at a time. They also have a great blog that I follow.

What do you think?


Napkin Rings, $9 each. I love how each one is unique and hand crafted.


Cheese Knife, $14. The total opposite to the big metal knives hanging on our kitchen wall, which is why I love the idea of one so much.


Maple Bowl, $44. I still don’t understand why some of these wooden bowls are so expensive, but this one looks worth it. This bowl is hand cut from one piece of wood and finished with a raw edge around. Love it!


Cutting Board, $196. I have a little OCD when it comes to cutting boards, in that each one can only be used for one specific food product; so fruits, veggies, fish and meat all have separate boards. Which is the perfect excuse for me to add another one to our kitchen.

What are some of your kitchen essentials?

I cant wait to add any of these items to our growing kitchen essentials.

P.S.- Some other dream/want list items perfect for the kitchen here, here, & here.

Hannah Sheflyand

I stopped using the title of want list for my posts because I feel it sounds very eager and that I really want those items in my life. Which technically is the case but… the big butt… I dont have these items in my apartment or in my life because I dont have room for them and I have a drooly dirty dog which means I need to avoid nicer more expensive stuff. I decided in the mean time my posts will continue in a dream list.

First up: Jeans. I woke up yesterday, couldn’t get out from under the blanket and realized fall has arrived. Once I did get up I realized I do not have one decent pair of jeans so off to the mall I went. Brian has bought every pair of his jeans from Lucky Brand so I figured I would give them a try as well. I left the store very happy!

If I had the room in my closet I would get a pair of all these:

I love skinny jeans but it is not the easiest for me to find a pair that fits me well, but of course, yesterday they all fit perfectly. I liked the low rise and mid waist and they come in a variety of colors.

Brian is not a fan of boyfriend jeans, but these are so comfortable!

The boot cut pair really should not be on this list because I ended up buying them. They made my short legs look long and lean. I was super excited to walk out with these!

If any guys are interested Brian really like the Straight jeans because they are relaxed along his legs, and I love them because they still have a bootylicious fit 🙂

What do you think? Are you a fan of Lucky Brand jeans or do you prefer a different brand?

Hannah Sheflyand

Our studio apartment is small and a little crowded with Charlie, furniture and many nick naks. I try to keep the place organized to help keep the space open but I learned that there was one great trick to bring some light and happiness…

Fresh Flowers!

When I do my weekly food shopping I started the routine of picking up a bouquet of flowers and what a difference it has made. I love walking into our apartment every day and seeing a beautiful pop of color and changing it around every week.


I know this isn’t the newest idea when it comes to design but I love it.

Do you add fresh flowers into your home? What do you think of the idea?

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