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Hannah Sheflyand

Right after Labor Day weekend, my house plants got the memo that summer has officially ended and they have all started dying. I knew it was inevitable but I hoped there would be a few more weeks of beautiful green colors and herby fragrances that would come from my window sill. The only reasonable thing to do is start shopping for some more plants 🙂

I have really enjoyed my air plants and the ease of care and would really like to get some more… etsy to the rescue!


This is a gorgeous stained glass air plant holder from Glassetc. I love the bright green and think it would be the perfect pop of color to help get through the gloomy winter.


I am slowly running out of wall space for hanging stuff and this will be the perfect solution since I can hang it right from the ceiling. I love the pop of the Pink on the sea urchins that PetitBeast offers.


Another great option when there is little wall space available. This terrarium from Waen doesnt have a pop of color like I am usually pulled to, but I love the neutral geometric shape and think it would look great on any ones office desk and perfect for storing an air plant.


This style of recycled barn wood is very close to the air plant holders I have now, which is a great reason to get another matching set like this one from Triple7recycled.

I know that there have been a lot of plant related posts but I am on kick when it comes to anything green and living in our apartment. I am dreading the cold grey winter to come and hope all these ideas will help keep our space colorful and full of life.

Have you done any plant shopping recently? Any other ideas to help liven up small apartment spaces?

Hannah Sheflyand

While looking for ways to organize the closet I came across Ikea Hackers. I am amazed I have never found this site before but I am happy I finally did. Our studio apartment is filled with Ikea furniture and we have had to do our own minor hacks to fit our furniture into the small spaces. I will have to share our apartment furniture pictures some point soon but in the meantime how cool are these hacks to make dog beds, I am putting Brian on a mission to make one for Charlie soon.


This bed only requires 2 Ikea pieces, a dog mattress and some paint.


I love the simplicity of this bed and Charlie would love having a little cave space of her own and its just 2 pieces of Ikea furniture drilled together.


This bed is not realistic for the space in our apartment but I hope we can build something like this for Charlie once we get a bigger space. It also doubles as a guest bed for visitors, though I doubt anyone would want to sleep over a stinky snoring Charlie all night 🙂

Do you have ikea furniture in your apartment? Have you used the Ikeahackers site before?

Hannah Sheflyand

I grew up in a big house with my own room and a lot of closet space, and as a girl, I always strived to have that closet packed to the brim. Now Brian and I share a studio apartment with one dresser and one small closet to split our clothes between the two of us. It was a challenge at first but after donating a lot of unnecessary clothing and then some reorganization we have been making it work for about a year now.


However I looked into our closet earlier this week and realized it was in need of some reorganizing. There were hangers tangled everywhere, clothes falling from the top and shoes all over the floor. I was in shock when I realized how bad it had become without me doing something with it before.

SONY DSCI was looking through to find how I could make our closet a little easier to navigate and everyone recommended some Ultra Thin Velvet Hangers. I bought the one above and donated all the ones below (just the size of all these plastic hangers took up too much space).


After just an hour of cleaning up and putting in the new hangers, it felt like we had a new closet (and some extra space for more clothes)!


I always feel like I need to do some more clothes shopping as a reward gift for myself after tackling small projects like this.

What do you think? Have you done any clothes purging or closet organizing recently?

Hannah Sheflyand

Renovating and decorating a house will not make it a complete and cozy home without some work on the surrounding outdoors.

Have I mentioned how much I love Garden & Gun magazine, the website is now filled with albums of the most beautiful homes, and now I found out, with some gorgeous gardens. Elizabeth Locke has lived in her estate with her husband for 33 years and has spent all that time making the garden she has now, filled with a perfect mix of beautiful flower gardens, vegetable gardens & even a chicken coop.

I love when Elizabeth states “Its not surprising that you never see the phrase ‘brilliant young garder’… it takes a lifetime.” Her full interview can be found here. Based on the photos below it looks like her hard work has really paid off. What do you think?



010 Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

Have you heard of Braxton Dixon? Until I started dreaming and searching for my perfect southern home I never did either. He not only does the planning for all his homes but the hard labor as well. His homes are known for being built with century old wood and trinkets from run down barns and other structures. Every single room has special detail with a story and no home is the same, it takes him up to 8 years to build a home.

Garden & Gun wrote a great article about his work and included some great photos (a preview below).


BraxtonDixon-2_069 Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

I am in love with this online store. It is filled with specially crafted and styled bags, scarfs and robes. There is not a huge variety but the quality seems to be the most important aspect to their store. I mostly just love all the bright colors, maybe that is my new thing.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.55.58 PM

Matching Summer Hat $58

What do you think of the styles from this store? Adding it to your want list?

I am still dreaming about owning this jacket!